Total Economic Impact™ Study Reveals First Orion’s Enterprise-wide Branded Communication Solution Can Deliver 498% ROI

Independent study indicates a net present value of $7.75M for enterprises using the INFORM solution to brand their outbound phone calls

First Orion, a leading provider of Branded Communication solutions for businesses, announces the findings of a commissioned Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) Study conducted by Forrester Consulting. The study provides a detailed analysis of the expected business benefits and cost savings for enterprises utilizing First Orion’s enterprise-wide Branded Communication product, INFORM.

The Forrester study found the INFORM solution provides a potential 498% return on investment (ROI) and a $7.75 million net present value (NPV) for enterprises over three years. Other key findings include increased answer rates, improved close rates on sales calls, delivering $7 million in incremental profit, and streamlined operations, saving $871,000 in repeated delivery attempts and $492,000 in call center productivity costs. Additionally, INFORM led to new credit card accounts worth over $838,000 and the recoupment of delinquent credit card balances totaling $69,103.

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“We believe the results of this study show Branded Communication is an organization-wide, multi-use case solution that allows enterprises to make quality connections with customers while improving revenues, streamlining operations and increasing brand impressions,” said Charles Morgan, CEO and Chairman of First Orion. “As Branded Communication continues its rapid adoption within businesses, it will deliver the ultimate brand experience via the phone and provide consumers trust and transparency in the businesses calling them.”

Apart from the quantified benefits, the study also identified unquantified benefits provided by INFORM, including:

  • Strong service and support: Interviewees praised First Orion’s sales team for creating a long-term relationship, the technical team for handling the setup, and the analytics team for proactively and responsively providing customized reports for different calling programs and uses.
  • Increased productivity: The report found that productivity for non-call center employees increased by reducing phone tag with other employees, stores, vendors, job applicants, etc.
  • Brand verification: Interviewees said branded calls also protected their brand reputation by not being marked as potential spam. Brand impressions were also made for the millions of outbound calls.

The First Orion customers interviewed by Forrester about their experiences using First Orion’s INFORM Branded Communication technology said the following:

  • A product manager of post-purchase experience at a major retailer said he’d like First Orion to represent all the major carriers: T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon, with other interviewees agreeing First Orion was doing the best job and his organization would prefer to work with one company that could brand calls for all carriers.
  • A senior manager of product management and post-purchase experience at a retailer said, “I think First Orion’s got the right technology at the right time, and it seems to be the best player in the field from a standpoint of who’s providing a service. I think definitely that the timing is right. There are a lot of unanswered calls going on. There’s a definite need for this.”
  • “What set First Orion apart from others for me was that they seemed more invested in the relationship,” said the senior manager post-purchase experience in the retail industry. “They know how to work with large companies because that is an art, right? The First Orion people want to really invest with us in a partnership as opposed to sell a product.”

Businesses making outbound calls to their customers face multiple challenges in trying to connect. Consumers have been averse to answering unknown phone numbers due to the fear of scammers and increased spam calls they receive on a daily basis. First Orion’s INFORM, through the Branded Communication suite, addresses these obstacles by allowing businesses to completely optimize and control how they are displayed on the phone by displaying the “who” and “why” behind the call giving complete clarity in who is calling.

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