AOL Launches Smart Yield for In-App Header Bidding

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Smart Yield Solves Mobile Revenue Challenges for Publishers and App Developers with unified in-app header bidding auction across first and third-party demand

AOL launched the beta version of Smart Yield, a mobile-first solution that brings the benefits of desktop-based header bidding in-app, allowing mobile publishers and app developers globally to get the full value of an app’s audience.

In addition, Smart Yield offers the first server-to-server and client-side hybrid mobile header bidding solution. It seeks to eliminate latency associated with multiple monetization partners. The beta version of Smart Yield can be used in AOL’s programmatic mobile supply-side platform ONE by AOL.

Smart Yield will benefit publishers

Matt Gillis, SVP, Publisher Platforms, AOL

By creating a unified auction for mobile in-app, Smart Yield provides advertisers with the inventory, and mobile publishers and app developers with the highest possible yield per impression.

Matt Gillis, SVP, Publisher Platforms, AOL, said “As they have seen success with header bidding across their desktop inventory, they want to see that play out across all screens. As ad spend on mobile has increased, the need to bring the concept of header bidding to mobile in-app experiences has, too. We are excited to launch Smart Yield, which will give mobile publishers the power to capitalize on their inventory and maximize yield.”

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Header bidding increased daily revenue by 53% on mobile and desktop

AOL ran an analysis for publishers on its platform before and after implementation of header bidding, and found a 53% increase in daily revenue for mobile web and desktop display. By bringing these capabilities to mobile publishers, Smart Yield allows AOL demand partners to compete at the same time for the same inventory. Ultimately, this leads to higher yield for publishers and app developers.

Feedback on AOL’s in-app mobile header bidding

“Header bidding puts control back into the hands of publishers and we’re excited to join AOL’s beta in bringing these capabilities in-app,” said Bill Alena, Chief Revenue Officer of The Meet Group, owner of popular social apps, including MeetMe. “As the digital ecosystem evolves, it’s important for us to maintain a level of transparency and efficiency in order maximize yield and support our high standard of consumer experience. We’ve long been a partner of AOL and their mobile-first expertise and unique demand helps keep us on top,” Alena continued.

Smart Yield delivers its many firsts with unified demand, transparency and efficiency

It is among the first in-app mobile header solutions to provide a unified auction across first and third-party demand. Users will have access to a unified group of premium first-party advertisers, third-party demand sources, and AOL’s premium owned & operated brands.

To make the auction outcome more visible, the solution provides a transparent marketplace for both sellers and buyers. Publishers receive transparent reporting which highlights which demand sources are purchasing inventory.

Smart Yield offers efficiency with an easy-to-install integration that eliminates the burdensome ordering process. Earlier, publishers and app developers had to work with multiple monetization partners to drive yield. More monetization partners means more code added within an app. However, Smart Yield has done away with growing latency concerns.

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