Graham Wardle Announces New “Boost It” App on Creator Economy Platform Koji

New Link In Bio App Gives Creators a Space to Showcase Content and Highlight Top Supporters

Graham Wardle, former Heartland actor turned successful podcaster, announced the launch of Boost It, a new app that allows creators to post their favorite completed projects and let supporters donate to be showcased in a list of top donors. Supporters are highlighted front and center in a list of top supporters for a specific piece of content.

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Boost It lets creators focus their monetization efforts on smaller, more meaningful projects. By shifting the focus of donations to specific pieces of content or projects, creators give their followers a more direct route for supporting them. Creators only have to title and upload a photo of the completed piece they want to feature, and then followers can donate money to support the piece and have a chance to be featured themselves on a Top Supporters list in-app.

“Donations and monetary support given by fans are the lifeblood for some creators and we want to give them more ways to diversify that stream of income. Boost It allows creators to receive support for completed projects and give fans an idea of what kind of projects their support will enable in the future. Boost It will be very powerful when paired with other ‘showing love’ apps allowing creators to earn monetary support before, during, and after projects are completed,” said Koji co-founder Sean Thielen.

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