Loom Launches All-New Editing Tools for Stitching Multiple Videos Together

The No. 1 customer-requested feature improves collaboration and storytelling capabilities for Loom’s 14 million users

Loom, the video communication platform for async work, launched all-new video editing tools to its cloud-based platform. Now, users can use the new video stitching capabilities to record at different times, on different devices, or with different people to create one powerful video.

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Loom Editing Features

This newly launched video stitching capability unlocks a new level of collaboration and async work. In today’s increasingly distributed work world, presenting nuanced, unified ideas asynchronously is often time-consuming, complex, and tedious. Loom now lets distributed teams compose a single, cohesive video. An individual can also merge several of their own clips to send a more impactful message. This capability was the No. 1 most requested product feature, and is designed to enable use cases across industries and roles.

  • Collaborate on presentations by walking through unified decks with your teammates, no matter where you’re located.
  • Personalize your videos with custom intros or branded stingers.
  • Quickly update content or add to a video over time as a project progresses to get your team the most up-to-date information.
  • Perfect your videos by easily fixing mistakes or removing segments of your video instead of needing to re-record.

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“One of the main reasons our users love Loom is how instant it is. Sophisticated editing tools help users communicate effectively, but editing a message should never get in the way of actually sharing it. Video stitching is the latest example of a tool that’s sophisticated in function but delightfully simple in form,” said Vinay Hiremath, co-founder and CTO of Loom. “We’re constantly inspired by the ways our customers use Loom to not just share an idea, but also to showcase their creativity, personalities, and passion. Stitching videos unlocks a new level of collaboration, and we’re already seeing people use it in ways that weren’t possible previously.”

The upgraded editing suite builds on Loom’s user-friendly, cloud-based platform. In pursuit of the company’s mission to empower effective communication wherever work happens, Loom overhauled its entire recording layer in 2021. In doing so, the company embarked on a roadmap to design the fastest cloud-based video editing platform for distributed knowledge workers today (patent pending). In June 2021, Loom introduced loomSDK, “the record button for the internet” allowing users to add a Loom record button into any app and start recording in just a few clicks. In Q1 2022, the company also released a redesigned, intelligent Loom HQ, including an upgraded user experience and brand-new capabilities, and updates such as desktop performance improvements and background noise suppression in beta.

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