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PAO APP Launches Beta iOS Version

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Pao Launches for a Closed-Group Beta Test on Apple’s App Store

Pao App Inc launches its mobile application Pao (say “pow”) in Apple’s App Store. Over 200 users have pre-committed to using and testing Pao during the beta round. They will log into their ready-made customized profiles and will be able to interact with over 3500 unique user-generated recommendations for places to eat, play and stay globally. The public version of the app is expected in September this year.

Sara Zervos
Sara Zervos

Pao is a new go-to app that helps you figure out what to do today. At Pao, we believe it’s getting way too easy to experience things from the comfort of your own home (e.g., Netflix, YouTube, UberEats, Instagram, Tinder, etc.). Our mission is to inspire people to get up and go experience the real world. No more information overload, impersonal reviews, or living vicariously through other people’s experiences on social media. Pao shows you the coolest spots, from real people, and then helps you get there.

Pao App Inc operates out of Boulder, Colorado. The team is led by Anna Zervos, CEO, and includes Sara Zervos, CFO/COO, and Maddie Myall, Executive Producer (a.k.a. Jack of All Trades). The team is passionate about experiencing life, and has created Pao to get people off the couch and into the real world.

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