Programmatic Mobile Bidding Platform Appreciate Rolls Out Creative Wizard to Improve Ad Performance

Appreciate’s Creative Wizard technology enables generating new and dynamic high-impact ad creative in seconds to fit a broad range of ad units which are then A/B tested to improve campaign conversions and other KPIs

Programmatic mobile bidding platform Appreciate, introduces its newly developed technology, Creative Wizard, which enables app developers to optimize performance by running more impactful creative across multiple ad units.

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The programmatic market has created a lot of automated opportunities for digital and mobile marketers. Often times, either marketers don’t always have all creative ad types and sizes readily available, or their existing creatives don’t perform as strongly as expected. Appreciate’s Creative Wizard solves these challenges by enabling app developers to:

  • Leverage the automated creation of interactive and animated static banners and interstitials in various sizes all within the Appreciate platform.  Without the need for an internal studio to take advantage of creative opportunities, advertisers can now quickly and efficiently utilize the Creative Wizard to generate creatives in all standard sizes,
  • Run Creative Wizard creatives for re-engagement campaigns, utilizing customized messaging for each re-engagement event.
  • Eliminate user ad fatigue and diminish ad returns/ROI by empowering app marketers with a supply of impactful ad creative to improve creative performance and campaign KPIs.
  • Optimize performance by A/B testing to ensure that the best performing creative is running on relevant and appropriate content.

For one transportation app developer working with Appreciate, the assets generated by the Creative Wizard delivered a conversion rate increase of 110% on 320×50 banners and an increase of 144% on 300×250.

Banners 300×250 from the Creative Wizard were quickly generated and implemented, resulting in a 20% increase in installs while maintaining a low Cost Per Install (CPI). It allows a client to eliminate long lead times in creating their own banners.

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After running their user acquisition campaign for two weeks, casual game developer Veraxen turned to Appreciate’s Creative Wizard to generate new creative. This was ultimately responsible for generating an 80% increase in install and significantly improved campaign performance.

“Thanks to Appreciate’s Creative Wizard, we improved our user acquisition campaign performance substantially because we were able to take advantage of new ad units and benefit from the impactful interactive ads that had a huge lift in conversion rates,” said Vladimir Ilchenko, Head of UA, Veraxen.

Marketers in retail, E-commerce, travel and other verticals selling products in their apps will see great value in Appreciate’s Creative Wizard. These marketers will be able to create new ads in seconds and begin A/B testing to maximize campaign performance.

“Generating impactful creative that enables our clients to exceed their performance goals while taking advantage of available traffic/ad unit opportunities are some of the keys to successful app marketing campaigns. That’s why we developed our Creative Wizard technology – to empower our clients with creative tools needed to achieve their campaign KPIs,” said Yossi Zattelman, Director of Client Services, Appreciate.

Appreciate enables app marketers to both acquire new users and re-engage with existing ones using the company’s programmatic technology. This service is presented via a fully transparent platform, offering complete access to all bids, impressions, campaign ads, and data. The company’s Programmatic Mobile Bidding Platform is designed to facilitate easy planning, targeting, and optimizing through Appreciate’s fully automated technology.

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