JotForm Introduces JotForm Cards to Increase Form Conversions and Ease Data Collection

JotForm Cards Mimic Face-to-Face Interaction, Humanizes the Mobile-Focused Form Completion Process

JotForm, the fastest and easiest way to build online forms that deliver business value, announced JotForm Cards, which replaces lengthy forms with a singular card format designed to mimic face-to-face interaction. Using mobile-focused, individual questions, JotForm Cards make the form completion process easier, faster and more successful than previously possible. JotForm Cards help form builders increase conversions, garnering better information for better decisions and relationships.

JotForm Cards offer an entirely new graphical user interface (GUI), designed to provide end users with familiar experiences on mobile devices and in e-commerce settings. The mobile-first design optimizes screen real estate, simplifies design elements and layouts, and incorporates natural swiping gestures and transitions. These benefits translate in e-commerce applications, addressing the dominance of mobile transactions and providing a familiar shopping experience to increase sales. The card design accomplishes this by motivating end users to engage, easing the form completion process and humanizing the UI.

JotForm Introduces JotForm Cards to Increase Form Conversions and Ease Data Collection
Aytekin Tank

“We are constantly collecting customer feedback and conduct weekly testing to evaluate user behavior. We designed JotForm Cards based on these findings and are confident these new, humanized features will deliver strategic value to our customers. Completing any task is satisfying and we’ve enabled that satisfaction with every single card,” said Aytekin Tank, founder and CEO of JotForm.

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The form is the gateway to collecting data critical to strategic business intelligence—whether its requesting feedback, creating a lead-generation portal or collecting order information, it all starts at the form. Understanding this, JotForm built features designed to motivate users to complete forms, delivering the data companies rely on. These features include:

  • Welcome page: A welcome page is often the first interaction with the form audience and communicates both the purpose of the form (e.g., survey, quiz, contact information, etc.) and the organization’s brand identity.
  • Progress bar: The JotForm Cards progress bar includes a series of bright green dots to signal the respondent when they’ve completed each task.

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Ease-of-use is another key component in motivating users to complete forms and in earning higher conversion rates. The new card format keeps users focused, prompting only a single action on each page and helping break down complex processes into clear, simplified steps. JotForm Cards allow the user to progress through the form with their keyboard, syncs with Google Maps to recognize locations and populate name and address fields, and provides a full-page text editor—allowing users to see the entirety of their responses outside of a tiny box.

Unlike traditional forms, JotForm Cards interact with respondents like a real person would, humanizing the UI. JotForm developed the design to be the next closest thing to asking for a response face-to-face. Vivid icons and emotion-based response options support the respondent in expressing their feelings, creating a bond between the user and the product, and fostering long-term product engagement.

Additional human-like features include:

  • Micro-animations and suggestions: JotForm Cards provide immediate feedback to respondents, offering suggestions to prevent mistakes or performing functional animations, such as shaking when a response is incomplete the same way a human would shake their head “no.”
  • Overview mode: Overview mode empowers the user to scan questions in advance and jump between card prompts with ease.

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Finally, in addition to the resulting benefits of new end-user features, JotForm Cards offers new design and formatting options for the form builder. Default values allow form creators to easily customize and beautify forms with ease, ensuring brand consistency and offering new media options, such as video backgrounds. JotForm is the first form company to seamlessly integrate design elements with existing webpage designs via the “Smart Embed” feature and allows builders to later make in-page adjustments using the “Inline Embed Editor.”

“CardConnect has a huge presence in the trade show circuit and needed to find a way to streamline the requests from our sales team and capture all necessary information. Jotform Cards has helped us increase form completion rates by 50 percent. The interface is incredibly easy and enhances the overall user experience. With such a positive response, we are now transitioning all external forms to JotForm Cards,” said Shaila Ortega, director of marketing at CardConnect, a payment company that recently implemented JotForm Cards.

JotForm Cards are immediately available and can be leveraged with more than 50 of JotForm’s integration partners.

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