Launch of CellPoint Digital to Realise the Full Potential of Travel Companies’ Digital Channels

CellPoint Mobile has transformed the way travel companies and customers use mobile technology. Now, CellPoint Digital is sweeping away the last barriers to truly optimised digital commerce and payments

CellPoint Mobile, a leading provider of digital commerce and payment solutions for airlines and other travel companies, rebranded as CellPoint Digital with a new website and products designed to revolutionise the way travel merchants promote and sell, get paid and leverage their data across all digital channels.

Kristian Gjerding, co-founder and CEO of CellPoint Mobile and now CEO of CellPoint Digital, explains: “I am very excited to unveil our new brand, which captures our ambition and capability as both fintech and traveltech specialists. We started out with a radical, mobile-first solution. Now, after several years of sustained growth, we can see the next step-change for travel companies is an integrated digital strategy based on real time data and seamless flow between mobile, web, live chat and app. CellPoint Digital’s unique platforms will drive this step-change. We will simplify and optimise our clients’ entire digital business, generating a dramatic uplift in revenue.”

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The majority of travellers now use multiple devices along their customer journey. They want an easy and frictionless experience at every stage, from booking to payment, whatever device they are using.  CellPoint Digital offers two genuinely omni-channel travel platforms that enable travel merchants to free themselves from the legacy constraints that have kept mobile apps, web-based apps, helplines and websites separate, often in inefficient siloes.

“A seamless user experience in all digital channels is vital,” says Stephane Druet, SVP Head of Marketing and Product Strategy at CellPoint Digital. “But even more important is what happens behind the scenes: the cross-channel unification that allows total visibility of all customer data. This allows data-driven optimisation of every transaction, which leads in turn to higher conversion rates, faster speed to market and ultimately stronger digital revenue growth for travel merchants. A true omni-channel platform will revolutionise the way travel merchants operate and thrive.”

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The company’s new website showcases the two modular omni-channel platforms that CellPoint Digital offers:

Velocity, the Payment Control Platform, liberates the travel merchant’s payment strategy by accelerating the deployment of new payment methods. It eliminates payment friction, optimises the routing of each transaction and maximises payment acceptance rates. Velocity gives access to an expanding payment eco-system of 350+ payment partners.

Voyage, the Full Digital Platform, is a comprehensive platform that manages promotions, sales, payments and customer self-service across all digital channels. It maximises conversion rates and cross-selling at every customer touchpoint, boosting revenue in all channels. Voyage gives access to both the CellPoint Digital payment eco-system and a growing travel marketplace.

Velocity and Voyage platforms are immediately available for airlines and other travel merchants. Customers include Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Malindo Air, Saudi Gulf Airlines and Sunrise Airways, as well as rail, mass transit and taxi operators across the globe.

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