Metatron’s Launches Pre-Mint NFT Marketplace

Metatron, a mobile and web technology pioneer having developed over 2,000 mobile apps, is pleased to announce the launch of, a NFT full service provider and pre-mint marketplace that allows anyone to monetize digital art and create NFTs. Metatron has generated millions of downloads for top-tier clients and at one time had more apps in the top 20 lifestyle on iTunes than any other company.

Marketing Technology News: User Flow Diagramming Tool Overflow Introduces New Cloud Capabilities in Version 2.0 will enable anyone to mint NFTs and place them on a variety of blockchains. It is as simple as uploading a digital file including gifs, jpegs, video, audio then having NFT encapsulation software generate a NFT that is sent to a customer’s wallet automatically.  The company is offering a digital marketplace where users can upload, buy and sell, and generate NFTs in all file types. Customers can currently purchase limited edition pre-mint NFT’s, and soon digital art from popular artists, that can be converted to NFTs for monetization.

Digital art, songs, videos, contracts, pdf’s even trust deeds can be turned into NFT’s which will make the customer the verifiable owner of the underlying asset but will also allow savvy collectors to seamlessly market and resell the corresponding NFT. currently accepts crypto payments but will soon allow purchases in all major currencies via popular payment platforms.

NFT growth has been staggering with the global non-fungible token market is expected to register CAGR of 39.6%, and projected to increase from USD 340.0 Million in 2020 to USD 3.57 Billion by 2030.  The largest NFT marketplace by total volume traded is NBA Top Shot, with over $600 million all-time volume traded in mid 2021. OpenSea, which hosts trades valued between $70 and $90 million every 30 days, takes the top spot in mid-2021.

“NFT’s are the future of digital ownership verification with universal authentication, and those in the know understand buying NFT’s at the pre-mint stage tends to be the most profitable time to purchase”, Joe Riehl, CEO Metatron.

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Metatron also released an energy boosting, consciousness enhancing mobile app called Focused Life Force Energy, for Android and soon Apple devices. With thousands of satisfied customers who already joined via the free trial program with no credit card required, the service has seen explosive growth.

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