AdRoll Brings out RollWorks to Focus on B2B Market

Company Unveils New B2B Business Unit– RollWorks and Rebrands AdRoll to Serve Ambitious Commerce Brands

In a major rebranding and expansion, AdRoll has announced a new corporate identity to accelerate its next phase of growth. The company ‘split’ its commercial divisions into B2B and B2C segments, and unveiled a new division, RollWorks, in response to the growing demands of B2B marketers.

In 2007 AdRoll, now AdRoll Group, was founded with the objective of helping big and small businesses turn their customer data into high-performance marketing.

The introduction of RollWorks responds to the specific needs of B2B businesses to better align their resources with sales and deliver results that impact revenue. AdRoll will remain focused on helping ambitious commerce businesses challenge established brands through a refocused platform purpose-built for their needs.

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AdRoll Inc. will now operate as AdRoll Group and will oversee the two business units and power the technology backbone for each, leveraging more than a decade of research and development. Prime examples of such R&D include BidIQ, which provides artificial intelligence to drive performance and automation, and IntentMap, which provides one of the world’s largest private pools of opt-in intent data with over 1.2 billion digital profiles.

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At the time of this announcement, the company confirmed that Toby Gabriner will remain as CEO of AdRoll Group and will serve as RollWorks president; Aaron Bell, co-founder and CPO of AdRoll, will lead innovation and product development for AdRoll Group; and Scott Gifis will be promoted from his post of VP and managing director, North America to president of AdRoll.

“Today’s news is a major milestone for AdRoll and marks our commitment to innovation and growth,” said Gabriner. “We are building on the company’s 10-year history of helping commerce and B2B marketers grow revenue and have a meaningful impact on their business results. With distinct divisions and product development efforts, we’re now in the best position to accelerate growth for our customers as we establish AdRoll Group as the Growth Platform Company.”

RollWorks Forms to Help B2B Marketers Accelerate Growth

In a recent report, eMarketer estimated B2B advertisers will spend $4.6 billion on the US digital advertising. The B2B buyer’s journey is unique and increasingly complex, however, B2B marketers have been limited to advertising and marketing solutions largely designed for their consumer-focused counterparts. RollWorks is designed to address this gap.

The platform makes it simple for marketers to find and engage with the right people within targeted accounts, identify the most relevant ways to connect with them and drive growth through these meaningful connections.

“We have an incredible performance advantage taking our proprietary data and algorithms to B2B customers,” said Gabriner. “Whether running broad-based marketing campaigns or highly-targeted ABM programs, B2B marketers now have the tools they need to automate and constantly improve their results.”

As part of the AdRoll Group, RollWorks draws on more than 10 years of performance marketing experience, proprietary ad retargeting development and prospecting expertise. Unlike other solutions that target B2B prospects based on IP address, the RollWorks platform allows marketers to put personalized, relevant messages in front of high-value prospects, wherever they are online, throughout the marketing and sales process.

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By integrating with CRM and marketing automation systems, including Salesforce, Marketo and HubSpot, RollWorks gives marketers visibility into the entire buyer’s journey, allowing them to target and engage prospects with unprecedented precision. Marketers will also more deeply understand the ROI of their efforts with direct access to data, dashboards and full-funnel metrics within their CRM or marketing automation system.

RollWorks is currently available for the US customers. Hundreds of customers that were previously using AdRoll’s ABM platform have migrated to RollWorks.

AdRoll Doubles Down on Ambitious E-Commerce Brands

Trusted by more than 37,000 commerce brands worldwide, AdRoll now sees more than $246 billion in commerce sales for its customers each year. The AdRoll E-commerce Growth Platform helps these ambitious brands make their display, social and email advertising work together to drive more revenue, with a less manual effort from the marketer.

“It has never been easier for ambitious companies to get started, and, at the same time, it’s never been harder for them to compete with established, enterprise brands. The customer journey is becoming increasingly complex, and the expectations are higher than ever,” said Gifis.

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Gifis added, “AdRoll aims to level the playing field for these rising, ambitious brands with a platform that helps them create the seamless experiences their customers expect. With intelligent automation and a single view of the customer, we help them deliver on the customer journey and understand the impact their marketing investments are having on their bottom line.”


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