Cross Audience Announces Launch of Enhanced Mobile DSP

Trader-Friendly, Self-Service Platform Offers Fully Customizable Interface and Cross-Screen Access to Consumers Along Their Path to Purchase

Cross Audience, the company committed to helping global brands expand their mobile presence through the acquisition of new high-value users, announced the launch of its newly enhanced mobile DSP (Demand Side Platform). The mobile-first DSP is a single buying platform that can support global campaigns across every screen. An improved interface for the self-service platform offers an intuitive and nimble user interface, allowing traders and performance marketers to quickly execute campaigns and optimize them in real time. With a broad range of supported ad formats and targeting options, the DSP helps advertisers to engage consumers all along their path to purchase, on whichever device they happen to be using at the moment.

The mobile-first DSP allows brands, marketers, and agencies to target and engages users within apps, as well as around the web and across screens. Powered by first- and third-party data, the DSP is able to offer broader targeting options than standards DSPs, with audience management features that include place-based audience targeting, proprietary audience affinity segments, and cross-screen retargeting. The platform is also integrated with all major SSPs.

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In addition to IAB standard ad formats, the Cross Audience platform is equipped to serve engaging rich media, native and video formats (including pre-roll, interstitial and third-party VAST-supported). Marketers and agencies who advertise via the mobile DSP gain access to Cross Audience’s premium publisher relationships, as well as troves of high-quality first- and third-party data. “DSP users will have the ability to target and engage consumers all along the path to purchase. Advertisers can use the platform to prospect to raise awareness of their offers, sway them with contextual ads or site targeting, win them with third-party data, and even retarget users to win back cart abandons or continue engagement post-purchase. This platform was built to address the needs traders and performance marketers,” says Jeffrey Kamikow, CEO of Cross Audience.

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The research firm eMarketer forecasts that through 2018, mobile will continue to be a key driver of programmatic’s rapid growth. Mobile programmatic ad spending has outpaced desktop for more than a year already, and in 2017, mobile is predicted to account for about 75 percent of all programmatic ad spending, while desktop will account for only 25 percent.

Cross Audience already delivers results for well-known companies in verticals including retail, QSR, travel, entertainment, and gaming. In 2017, the company launched its innovative Mobile Conquesting solution, which allows mobile marketers to accurately target users of competitor apps in order to build new, qualified audiences.

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