Notablist Finds PostUp is the #1 Email Technology for Publishing and Media

Notablist Is a Real-Time Competitive Intelligence Platform Designed Expressly for Sales Teams and Email Marketers

PostUp, a leading email and audience development solution company, has been ranked as the world’s number one Email Service Provider (ESP) in terms of campaign frequency by Notablist. The rankings were announced following an analysis by the competitive intelligence service of email marketers.

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At the time of this announcement, Keith Sibson, Vice President of Product and Marketing for PostUp, said, “The PostUp platform is specifically designed to support the unique needs of publishers’ large-scale newsletter programs, with a focus on efficiency and automation. I’m thrilled that this data is validating our efforts.”

Currently, PostUp offers an email and audience development solution for the leading media brands such as HBO, The Onion, HGTV, The Chive, Fast Company, The Hill, and Golf Channel, to name a few. On the other hand, Notablist is a real-time competitive intelligence platform designed expressly for sales teams and email marketers.

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The Survey Involved In-Depth Analyses of 500K Brands

Notablist conducted an analysis of 500,000 brands to gain an understanding of which technologies are favored by high-frequency emailers. One conclusion that can be drawn from the study is that some technologies are clearly more suited than others to the needs of high-frequency senders – namely publishers.

via Notablist

Michael Johnston, the founder of Notablist, said, “Many publishers send dozens or even hundreds of unique daily newsletters, making them high-frequency senders relative to other brands. For the most frequent senders, who send unique emails at four times the national average, PostUp is the top ESP in use, leading the pack by a significant margin.”

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Notablist maintains a corpus of nearly 30 million unique email campaigns sent by 500k brands from the past four years. The Notablist analysis engine automatically fingerprints email campaigns, detecting more than 350 different technologies, including ESPs, CRMs, dynamic content providers, and more. The data presented above is derived by aggregating and summarizing results of those technology detections.

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