Zaius Integrates with Zendesk for 360-Degree View on Customer Experience

The Zaius-Zendesk Integration is the First B2C CRM-Customer Service Platform Integration for E-Commerce, Retail Marketers that Offers Data from Every Customer Engagement

Zaius, a leading B2C CRM that delivers real-time, cross-channel marketing automation and attribution built on a single customer view, has announced the immediate availability of its product integration with Zendesk.

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By making customer support data available to marketers through this integration, Zaius is delivering on its promise of a complete view of every customer engagement, from marketing channels to support desk tickets.

B2C Marketers Can Create Effective Customer Experiences to Drive Better Sales

Eric Keating
Eric Keating, VP of Marketing, Zaius

At the time of this announcement, Eric Keating, Vice President of Marketing at Zaius said, “Marketers’ visibility into customer behavior has almost always been limited to marketing touchpoints, leaving them in the dark when it comes to some of the most important engagements customers have with brands.”

Eric added, “By integrating customer support data from Zendesk, we’re giving marketers the power to create campaigns based on the whole customer experience, so they can be more successful and drive more sales.”

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Zaius’s product integration with Zendesk empowers B2C marketers with a centralized customer database and 360-degree visibility into all customer interactions with their brands. This one pane of glass streamlines the email, web, mobile, advertising and other data companies already collect, so they can better segment and target campaigns, and analyze relationships between ticket activity and customers’ average order value (AOV) or lifetime value (LTV).

Nicole Tabatabai, Senior Director of Digital Marketing at Optoro, said, “No single view of customer behavior is complete without support data, so the Zaius integration with Zendesk will give us critical feedback and insights that inform our entire marketing approach.”

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Nicole added, “Leveraging this integration and the support data for segmentation and personalization lets us truly optimize our customers’ experiences with our brand.”

Optro currently offers as a leading overstock and returned product e-commerce business.

Zaius-Zendesk Integration Provides a Centralized Customer Base with Better Analytics 

By ingesting Zendesk customer support data and unifying it with a customer’s shopping behavior data, product data and more, Zaius provides-

A Centralized Customer Database

Marketers can augment their customer profiles with Zendesk data to include support tickets, satisfaction ratings and more in their view of customer interactions across marketing and support.

Segmentation and Campaign Targeting Capabilities

Users can exclude customers with open support tickets from promotional emails or review requests, segment customers based on the reasons why they opened support tickets, trigger satisfaction survey emails to customers after tickets have closed, nurture satisfied customers to create brand advocates and more.


Retailers can understand the relationship between the number of tickets per customer and their satisfaction ratings, as well as metrics including AOV and LTV. They can further analyze how ticket activity and satisfaction ratings correlate to customer lifecycle stage.

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