How is The Location Data Landscape Shaping Up in 2018?

If a Tool Is Limited by the Availability of Low-Quality Data, It Just Won’t Be of  Value. As the Data Market Becomes More Crowded, It’s Also Important to Focus on Transparency, says Unacast CEO  Thomas Walle

When a Location Data platform raises significant funding from leading investors in the industry, it ought to make waves. Unacast, the makers of Real Time Graph, scooped $17.5 million. Clear with their plans for the future and ambitious in taking their product road-map to new territories, the Thomas Walle-led company is set for a phenomenal year ahead.

LEFT: Kjartan Slette, COO & Co-founder; RIGHT: Thomas Walle, CEO & Co-founder, Unacast
From Left: Kjartan Slette, COO and Co-founder and Thomas Walle, CEO and Co-founder, Unacast

Marketers can leverage Location Data to improve their marketing campaigns by better understanding customers and building highly-targeted audiences. With a structured array of location data at your fingertips, you can not only measure the campaign’s effectiveness but also deliver highly optimized and personalized experiences at scale.

At the time of Unacast’s latest funding announcement, we spoke to CEO and Co-founder, Thomas Walle to understand how marketers can leverage Location Data and Intelligence tools to better navigate along a buyer’s journey.

The Current State of Location Data and Analytics Reporting Tools

Location data and analytics reporting tools are, for the most part, only getting better, and Unacast is very excited to be at the forefront of that. Simultaneously, it’s important to remember that tools like this are only as good as the data that powers them.

If a tool is limited by the availability of low-quality data, it just won’t be of a value. As the data market becomes more crowded, it’s also important to focus on transparency – something that we’re seeing a greater demand for both within the industry and from partners and clients, and rightly so.

Clients need to be able to understand how data is collected and processed in order to use it in way that gets the best results for their business. A tool without quality data and transparency, no matter what it promises, won’t hold up.

How Would Unacast Extend the Benefits of This Funding to the Location Data Customers?

One of the main focuses of this funding is the continued improvement of our data quality and products. We believe that a solid, transparent foundation of the highest-quality data is a necessity to everything we build, and we’re looking forward to spending even more time on both data quality and new product initiatives to the benefit of our clients and partners.

We’re also ready to expand our offerings into new verticals like real estate, hedge funds and e-commerce – spaces that we believe could see some fantastic benefits from using location data.

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Location Data Is the Perfect Tool for Hyper-Personalization

We’ve seen a remarkable response from marketing and advertising technology providers, which makes perfect sense. Location data is the perfect tool for hyper-personalization, and of course targeting and attribution.

But. there’s also a steadily growing interest and application in the research, finance and city-planning industries, which equally need to know how people move around in the real world to make the right decisions and build great products.

I think as the location data industry itself matures, we’ll see higher levels of adoption across a broad range of markets.

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New Technologies in 2018 to Make Location Data Platform Better and Readily Available

We’re all about the focus on quality.

There will always be hype surrounding new technologies or tools in the location space, but the fact is that all of that is useless if you haven’t built a strong foundation for your products. We also want to make sure we’re putting transparency at the forefront of our offerings, so clients are confident not only in the quality of the data, but the sources as well.

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