Branch Announces Universal Ads and Mobile Measurement Partnership with Facebook

Branch Universal Ads Offers Mobile Marketers Visibility into Web and App Campaign Performance Across Facebook and Other Top Advertising Networks

Branch, the mobile linking infrastructure for the world’s leading brands, announced the immediate availability of Universal Ads. With this launch, Branch is also entering into a partnership with Facebook as a Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP). Powered by Branch’s People-based Attribution engine, Universal Ads enables mobile advertisers and marketers to gain a unified view of their campaign performance across desktop web, mobile web, and native apps for the first time ever.

The advent of mobile has introduced critical challenges for marketers. Brands have struggled to engage consumers and measure performance across multiple channels, operating systems, and consumer destinations, such as websites and apps. For years, Branch has provided the industry’s leading deep linking platform to help businesses fix user experiences. With the release of Universal Ads, brands can finally measure the true impact of mobile advertising in a fragmented mobile ecosystem.

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Branch Announces Universal Ads and Mobile Measurement Partnership with Facebook
Alex Austin

“We’re incredibly excited about the introduction of Universal Ads and the MMP partnership — it will have a game-changing impact on the attribution market. With the explosive rise of native mobile apps, brands have struggled to bridge the divide across social media platforms, email clients, different mobile browsers, and native apps. Today is a historic day. Universal Ads brings the benefits of people-based measurement to advertising campaigns, giving marketers unparalleled insights into campaign performance,” said Alex Austin, CEO and co-founder of Branch.

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The Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner program gives Branch access to cross-device performance data for app objective campaigns, resulting in more accurate, de-duplicated attribution for Facebook ads. With insights from Facebook, Universal Ads allows marketers to measure campaign results reported by Facebook against other ad networks and channels, ultimately providing actionable insights reflecting real consumer behavior.

HomeAway, LimeBike, and Nextdoor are among the many brands that have participated in the Branch Universal Ads beta over the past few months.

“We’re very excited about Branch’s partnership with Facebook’s MMP program and look forward to leveraging both platforms to continue fueling our mobile growth strategy. Our customers rely on the LimeBike app for their bike sharing experience with us. We want to make sure to provide them with the best possible mobile experiences while using accurate measurement data to continue to optimize our efforts,” said Noah Bond, Performance Marketing Manager at LimeBike.

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Customers using Universal Ads can expect to see up to 30% more in-app conversions attributed to their campaigns with People-based attribution versus fingerprinting-based attribution models. Rather than relying on a single cookie or device ID, Branch unifies multiple digital identifiers over time, capturing the true consumer journey through all marketing touches leading to a conversion. This approach enables marketing executives to build comprehensive and accurate portraits of campaign efficiency across all channels — only a people-based measurement approach can tell the whole story.

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