Double The Sales Of Small Businesses With JVI Mobile Marketing’s Top Tips

Mcleansville, NC based JVI Mobile Marketing recently shared another round of top tips and tricks for marketing a small business online. The new list, which elaborates on several new areas, can be freely accessed through the company’s official website. JVI Mobile Marketing invites all interested parties to check out the company’s new highly-informative blog post and read through these tips to learn how they can double their sales and make customers more likely to return.

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The marketing agency states that the post was created in order to show small business owners that the world of digital or online marketing does not have to be beyond their grasp. In fact, much of the groundwork does not even require expert involvement in order to prove successful. Through their blog post, the agency hopes that readers will learn how and where they should plan for sustainable growth, what steps they should take to learn more about their customer (and engage with them in a productive manner), how a customers’ experience with the business can be curated to follow a certain path and more. Last but not least, the agency also wishes to inform their local community of small businesses owners of what resources they should be looking for and what kind of support they need to progress once they have maximized their own efforts.


For Step 1, the post begins by explaining that, “Predictable and sustainable growth is the holy grail of any business. Can you imagine what it would be like if you could count on a certain amount of growth from one month to the next — how would that change your business? The model that we recommend using to get you to that point is called the Growth Triad. As you can guess, it has three parts. As we start working with each of our clients, one of the first things we do is assess the three areas and then work to fill in the gaps.” Learn more on the company’s website.

JVI Mobile Marketing cautions business owners against making the assumption that success is driven by pushing as many marketing plans as possible and looking for the one that works best. In most circumstances, they say, this only results in the business wasting time on strategies that will not prove fruitful. On the other hand, any success discovered in this way will often be difficult (if not impossible) to replicate, making it only useful in the short term. The true answer, according to the agency, is to document a strategy in advance of it being executed, trying to foresee any potential pitfalls or signs that would indicate whether it is working or not. That way, more accurate predictions can be made, and the owner will be able to keep track of updates more accurately.

The second aspect of Step 1 involves finding the right tools and utilizing proven tactics in service of this strategy, thereby making it more likely to succeed. Proven tactics, according to the agency, may involve any actions the business has previously taken that have shown dividends, whether implemented by the business owner or even an expert they hired in the past. The tools used to bolster these efforts would include Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM), Graphic Design Software, Video Recording/Editing Software, Search Engine Optimization Software and so on.

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