Annex Cloud, a global, enterprise technical solutions provider of advanced loyalty management solutions and experiential customer retention software, announced it has expanded its partner ecosystem with Spryker, one of the fastest-growing ecommerce platforms for global enterprises. Mutual customers will gain the benefits of Spryker’s Cloud Commerce OS platform as well as Annex Cloud’s full suite of loyalty management capabilities that strategically collect and leverage first-party data to recognize and reward customers for buying more, more often.

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The acceleration of digital has ecommerce organizations facing fierce competition making it difficult to stand out, limiting their ability to drive repeat business, and driving up acquisition costs. This partnership empowers enterprises to modernize, innovate, and expand their digital commerce platform quickly and profitably—while making every customer interaction more timely, relevant, and personalized—strengthening customer bonds and increasing lifetime value.

“Our partnership with Spryker is exciting because it gives brands the best of both worlds—an optimal transactional infrastructure that enables brands to deliver stand-out, truly omnichannel ecommerce experiences, as well as deliver meaningful value between transactions and across the entire customer journey to build lasting customer relationships,” said Al Lalani, Co-founder & CEO, Annex Cloud.

“Partnering with Annex Cloud was a natural fit because we both focus on enabling enterprises to innovate and go to market faster, improve margins, and drive sustainable growth,” said Manishi Singh, SVP App Orchestration Platform, at Spryker. “Brands that implement our joint solution can simultaneously transform their digital ecommerce and their customer relationships—both of which will transform their bottom line.”

Loyalty Experience Platform™—An Enterprise Customer Retention Solution that Accelerates Growth
Annex Cloud’s Loyalty Experience Platform is the only full-suite loyalty solution that allows organizations to buy just what they need, meaning they can start with a simple value exchange and collect first-party data, then add on more sophisticated omnichannel reward and program types as they grow.
Modularity: The widest range of engagement modules to build attitudinal, emotional, and empathic connections. Extensible platform allows flexibility and a nimble delivery environment to meet ever changing needs.

Comprehensive Engagement Suite: Brands can capture, recognize, and reward all customer actions with referrals, gamification, UGC/survey, influencer management, and contests.

100+ pre-built integrations: Pre-built integrations with more than 100 market-leading technologies strategically architected to accelerate the delivery of loyalty management programs and meaningful customer experiences.

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