My Product Today Leverages Facebook Algorithm

As one of the fastest growing eCommerce consumer brand companies in the US, My Product Today is primed for record growth in 2022.

My Product Today, a leading eCommerce consumer brand company has helped entrepreneurs launch, scale, and thrive. Their proven strategies continue to excel, and they are now introducing a new method of optimizing target audiences. My Product Today is tapping into Facebook’s knowledge of users to determine customer characteristics for their partners accurately.

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There are billions of people using Facebook day in and day out, ranging from young children to even the elderly.”— Jason Rivers

This initiative is underway by the direction and leadership of My Product Today Vice President, Jason Rivers. Here is what he had to say:

“There are billions of people using Facebook day in and day out, ranging from young children to even the elderly. Not utilizing their reach and built-in tools to market your eCommerce business would not be a good decision.”

Facebook users share a lot of information with the platform, such as their age, location, hobbies, interests, and more. All this information is constantly being collected and analyzed to learn more about each user. With the amount of data Facebook gathers on users, My Product Today utilizes the data and analysis tools for their client’s advantage to determine the best customers to target during product launches. The mass amount of Facebook users provide a substantial sample size to draw metrics from with 63% of people over 12 years old using Facebook. When creating an ad on Facebook, it is easy to narrow down whom you want to target. You can choose from three types of audiences, core audiences, custom audiences, or lookalike audiences.

Take this scenario, for example. You are at a restaurant with your friends, and you all decide that you should meet up again for mini-golf. The next day, you open Facebook and see a post advertising mini golf. Does this experience sound familiar to you? It’s not a coincidence; it results from an algorithm that knows you so well it can “read your mind.” To see how well Facebook knows you, go into settings and see what ad categories you are placed in; you may be surprised to learn how much information the site knows. You can also see which advertisers’ audience you are included in to understand better why Facebook showed you a particular ad.

This initiative by Jason Rivers will lead to more accurate statistics for each business consumer audience. For more information about how My Product Today is helping businesses, visit their website or Facebook page to learn more.

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