Nextech AR Launches its Public Version of ARitize 3D Saas For Ecommerce

Everyone can now use ARitize 3D to turn their 2D products into 3D/AR Visualizations

Nextech AR Solutions Corp., a Metaverse Company and leading provider of augmented reality (“AR”) experience technologies and services is pleased to announce the launch of its ARitize 3D SaaS offering to the public. With this launch, Nextech now extends 3D model creation to an unlimited list of customers, including small, medium and large ecommerce businesses who want to quickly scale the creation of 3D models in a cost effective way. Nextech believes that it is first to market with this self-service AR SaaS platform for ecommerce which offers scalability, affordability, ease of use, and the highest quality 3D models.

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Aritize 3D SaaS was first released as a Beta version in November, the Company has now moved the platform out of Beta and into Public use. This SaaS launch expands Nextech’s revenue opportunity into a no-touch self-service with a growing base of monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and brings Nextech’s state-of-the-art ARitize 3D modeling factory to the public. Nextech’s pricing plans are much more affordable than other platforms and separates itself from competitors.

ARitize 3D is the One-Stop-Shop 3D + AR solution for ecommerce that is:​

  • Affordable – ​lowest cost provider
  • Scalable – fastest, seamless ​, high quality
  • Frictionless – requires low implementation effort ​
  • AI & ML powered – automated 3D model creation
  • End to End – from model creation to CMS & AR visualization

Nextech is working on integration with all the major ecommerce aggregators including, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Wix, and Magento. With these integrations, users will have an affordable, frictionless, and seamless one click SaaS solution for 3D model making,and AR product visualizations.

With ARitize 3D Saas, whether a customer wants to create 5 models or 5000 models, they just have to sign up, select the applicable pricing plan, enter a credit card payment method, and enable WebAR for their website. After signing up, using Nextech’s artificial intelligence-powered technology, customers can create the 3D/AR models in 3 simple steps.

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Watch a video to preview the process of creating a 3D model – click here.

The Company also offers an array of enhanced 3D model and AR visualisations including; product hotspots, animations, 360+ exploded views, 3D swirl ads, configurator, 3D carousel, virtual staging and room decorator. These enhanced features allow companies to provide even further detail and context to 3D models, including changing colours and textures, breaking apart the model into an “exploded view” to see all the individual parts of the product, providing animation to any part of the product that requires movement, and much more. These enhancements provide the Company with significant high margin revenue opportunities.

ARitize 3D has been gaining substantial market traction, and will continue to expand with this latest Saas offering. More and more ecommerce businesses recognize that the future of online commerce rests in product visualizations through 3D models, as it has been proven to increase conversions and reduce returns. Nextech believes it is becoming a leader in the 3D modeling industry through ARitize 3D, which is already supplying many notable retailers with 3D models and AR product visualizations, including Kohl’s, Lighting Plus New Zealand, Pier 1, Kmart Australia, Ezooza, NorthByNorth, The Office Group, Just Recliners, Never Summer, Mitra10, Cle Privee, Seville Classics, Bizrklan Eyewear, Source for Sports, Bothwell Cheese, FKA Brands, Visolab, O2 Vape, Poly & Bark, Skate One, Adler Jewelers and many others as demand for this technology is growing over a variety of sectors.

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