RevLifter Looks to Reduce Carbon Emissions by Launching Green Offers as an Eco-Friendly Offer Type

RevLifter, the leading eCommerce deals personalization platform, is looking to combat global carbon emissions by giving online retailers the opportunity to plant trees in exchange for sales made by their customers.

The group’s new offer type – Green Offers – is powered by a partnership with environmental organization Ecologi, which has offset over 2.2 million tonnes of CO2e by supporting reforestation projects in countries like Madagascar, Mozambique and Uganda.

In a typical campaign, brands will pledge to plant 10 mangrove trees in return for the customer completing their purchase. Green Offers are delivered by RevLifter’s RevConvert technology, which uses real-time signals like the customer’s exit intent, their current spend, and cart contents, to inform the delivery of personalized incentives through native overlays.

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RevLifter believes Green Offers can help to close the ‘intention-action gap’ that prevents the majority of customers from making positive contributions to the environment. Research from Harvard Business Review shows that 65% of shoppers want to buy from purpose-driven brands with strong sustainability credentials, but only 26% find a way to do so.

Simon Bird, RevLifter’s Co-Founder and CEO, says: “As RevLifter is the link between the brand and the consumer, we knew we could devise something that helped each side bring positive change to the world.

“Green Offers provide a way for the consumer to turn everyday actions into something that has a measurable impact on the planet. On the retailer’s side, it’s an opportunity to facilitate that contribution, but also drive sales through a totally discount-free method, and resonate with audiences that value more than just price.”

As part of RevLifter’s ongoing efforts to create positive change, the company has also gained the PlanetMark Certification. The programme requires businesses to pledge to improvements in sustainability within their operations by measuring and reducing their carbon footprint. RevLifter will now aim to reduce its output year on year while aiding global reforestation projects through Green Offers.

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