SKALE Offers SME Retailers Globally an All-in-One Marketing Tool to Stay Resilient During Pandemic

SKALE’s All-in-One Marketing Tool is designed to help SME retailers stay resilient by building a customer database of shoppers that can be driven to their physical stores, eCommerce channel or to direct conversational sales.

As digitalisation grows at an unprecedented rate, SKALE offers a simple-to-use and affordable marketing solution, featuring PushAds, Digital Vouchers and Smart SMS and emails to increase traffic and sales.

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After more than a year of economic turmoil, marketing technology platform, SKALE has launched a lifeline to SME retailers globally, with SKALE’s All-in-One Marketing Tool. As brick-and-mortar stores face challenges and uncertainty amid the pandemic, it has become more critical for SME retailers to build resilience. SKALE provides SMEs an affordable solution that offers retailers a wide suite of ways to build a customer database across all touchpoints. This offers retailers the necessary levers to truly be resilient by being able to drive their customers to the physical store at the right time or to their ecommerce channels, or even direct Whatsapp conversations with sales associates during tightened restrictions.

Founded years before the pandemic struck, SKALE was conceptualised with a mission to enhance and democratise marketing capabilities for SMEs. With digitalisation growing at an unprecedented rate, many retailers are pushing to set up e-commerce sites to meet their audiences’ demands. Interestingly, 80% of global retail sales in the first quarter of 2021 are still occurring in brick-and-mortar stores. To maintain a balance between both, retailers must recognise that e-commerce sites are not replacements for offline stores and that digitalisation should be adopted on both the online and offline space to maximise traffic and sales uplift. SKALE’s All-in-One Marketing Platform offers retailers the ability to combine their online and offline sales channel with a simplified, data-driven, and affordable tool.

SKALE’s CEO, Yuet Whey Siah, shared, “This period is highly crucial for many SME retailers, especially offline retailers. In the past 12 months, SKALE has worked with many offline retailers to help them recapture lost sales and to rebound from the impact of the 2020 lockdown and tightening of restrictions. However, the recent global surges and repeated lockdown presents them with a new reality – the importance of a customer database and understanding who their online and offline customers are. This will allow them to drive online sales during the circuit-breaker and drive offline sales when footfall returns”.

“Another underlying issue that SKALE looks to address are budget constraints faced by SME retailers. Even before the pandemic struck, SME retailers constantly faced financial limitations, forcing them to focus their marketing efforts in a singular space. The pandemic has left them with even less room to experiment or fail. By offering an All-in-One Marketing tool at a low cost, more SME retailers will be able to automate robust marketing mechanics that enables them to acquire customers and drive sales in the short and long term,” added Yuet Whey.

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Building Resilience for SME Retailers

SKALE is a self-serve marketing platform that allows SMEs to achieve their marketing goals easily. With digital vouchers, offline retailers can create and grow customer databases, increase foot traffic to their stores, and re-engage their customers through personalised SMSs and emails. The digital voucher offering triggers customers to convert while providing SME retailers with extensive data that was previously falling through the cracks. Since it was introduced, SKALE has successfully implemented the digital voucher feature for many single-store retailers and mall groups globally, from Asia to Europe.

SKALE’s marketing platform is working alongside global FMCG brands like Anchor Food Professionals to help them give back and support their thousands of partner restaurants and bakeries. Besides this, SKALE also works with malls like MyTOWNKL, helping them empower and support their tenants in driving footfall and sales.

Bricks4kidz, a children’s enrichment centre, is a brand that has greatly benefited from using digital vouchers as a tool to acquire new customers and leads since subscribing to SKALE’s solution. 80% of prospects who downloaded their digital vouchers have utilized them in-store, and this has generated over $10,000 in sales uplift, on top of building a solid customer database of parents. SOYO, a skincare brand has also adopted SKALE’s digital voucher offering, enabling them to have real-time visibility of the in-store sales generated from their stores while growing their customer database for future promotions.

With the growing importance of e-commerce, SKALE also allows SMEs to effectively maximise online sales through its easy to use 4-step PushAds tool. The first step involves selecting a marketing objective and inputting a website or a store address, which helps determine the where and how. Next, SMEs are provided with the recommended platforms and target audience to drive high quality traffic and sales. The last step involves customising ready made creative templates to create eye-catching ads. SME retailers can also easily track the performance of the ads due to SKALE’s ability to measure online and offline store visits, page likes and voucher downloads. This simple solution allows retailers to create ads across all channels, be it Facebook, Instagram and many more and benefit from a system that optimizes their ads for them

SKALE’s unique approach to marketing has been widely used globally, with thousands of small to medium retail businesses across ten cities leveraging SKALE’s solutions to achieve their marketing objectives.

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