Steven Ridzyowski, Founder of Ecommerce Marketing Agency Is Reporting Online Shopping Trends

Even though the media buying space is peaking despite the pandemic, many industries are left behind. Steven Ridzyowski, Founder of Ecommerce Marketing Agency, shares a few key strategy points to deploy to remain relevant during an economic downturn

Steven Ridzyowski, Founder of Ecommerce Marketing Agency (EMA), is reporting that from a media perspective, present-day numbers commensurate to that of Q4 at the peak of the holiday season when shopping is at its highest. Ridzyowski is attributing this shopping frenzy to the recent nationwide stay-at-home orders rendering shopping in-person close to impossible.

Brick and Mortar: Go Online or Die

The pandemic and consequential restrictions imposed on business have forced most brick and mortar retail shops to evaluate their business strategies and develop or strengthen their online presence and eCommerce shops. The establishments who didn’t or cannot go online are most likely not going to make it to the next Quarter but being online is not enough. A strategy must accompany it.

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Niche Yes but Diversify

Niche marketing has grown in popularity as it helps a business define a voice and stands out from the crowd, instead of trying to be everything to everybody, a small business should determine a path where they can be seen. Nevertheless, niche marketing doesn’t mean focusing on only one product; to the contrary, it calls for product rotation. “A major part of being successful online is not solely focusing on one product, especially if a business is just starting on its eCommerce journey; it must remain vigilant and adapt to viral trend changes quickly,” says Steven Ridzyowski.

Steven attributes his agency’s ability to adapting to changes quickly as the main reason he has seen his business flourish during these challenging times. He strongly believes that this adaptability is one of the critical talents that he brings to his roster of clients and why he has been able to help them thrive while others failed.

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Nurture a Loyal Customer Base

Steven also recommends that a niche company wanting to get ahead of the competition needs to focus on attracting a local customer base from day one. Another benefit of focusing on building loyalty is that a fan base shares the love online on social media channels and Yelp, with their friends and family, and if effect, helps with cutting down the marketing cost. A loyal customer base is free advertising!

Keep an Eye on the Trends

Importantly, watch what your competition is doing and study where your industry is gaining and losing market. Ask yourself, what are today’s success stories and how can we replicate it? A trend to mind is inventory deployment, Steven said, “Large Inventory will be all held in one place versus multiple stores, and the future products will be shipped directly to consumers.”

If you stay focused, keep up with the trends and stay ahead you’ll be able to accomplish much more when targeting your key audience.

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