Elliot’s Mobile-First Commerce Platform Enables Direct-to-Consumer Distribution at Global Scale

Elliot Turns Ads, Email, Pop-Ups, Social Feeds and More into High-Performing Conversion Channels for Retailers

Elliot is a mobile-first commerce platform powering the future of retail, providing infrastructure to integrate media, payment and channel into a single solution that delivers a seamless shopping experience.

Elliot does this by enabling retailers to seamlessly connect content and commerce with its globally available one-tap checkout, removing the friction consumers currently experience within existing e-commerce technology.

Instead of moving consumers from one channel to another, Elliot loads in-channel and allows retailers to capitalize on captivating content rather than lackluster shopping experiences within an e-commerce-only app or website.

Elliot’s CEO Sergio Villasenor believes two macro-trends are driving consumer demand for seamless shopping experiences. “5G and smartphone technology are providing billions of people access to three ‘C’s: convenience, content and commerce,” he said. “This type of access is changing how retailers construct their digital footprint. Before, it was all about omni-channel; today, it is all about being omni-present and relevant no matter where a consumer finds your brand or products. This means taking consumers from seeing something to having it in a way that is as seamless as possible.”

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5G and smartphone adoption continue to rise, as does digital wallets such as Apple, Ali, Google and WeChat Pay. This year in North America, 77 of the top 100 retailers accept Apple Pay, including CVS, 7-Eleven, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Walgreens, Costco and Kohl’s, reinforcing the need for retailers to invest in seamless shopping technology.

Additionally this year, market leaders such as Apple launched their own credit card and Instagram its own integrated social media shopping platform, further validating the shift to a more consumer-friendly ecosystem of shopping technologies.

While western companies look to break ground on the next frontier of shopping, many look east for inspiration.

WeChat in China, with over 300 million users, has already proven out this model, one that removes all friction between content and commerce. Companies such as Dior, Hermes and Gucci use the platform to drive everything from analytics and data, integrated marketing and online-to-offline shopping.

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Villasenor added, “WeChat is an example of how technology can become an operating system for life by properly blending convenience, content and commerce; that is what we are building at Elliot, and strive to provide our customers and consumers with our infrastructure and technology.”

Elliot became accessible for public-use last month and has already on-boarded 124 sellers in 31 countries, providing an e-commerce infrastructure including payments, shipping, order management, integrated advertising and marketing tools, and more.

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