My Ringless Voicemail Unveils Propriety Mobile Delivery System

My Ringless Voicemail recently unveiled their proprietary server-to-server based mobile delivery platform which ensures over a 90% delivery rate.

In terms of mobile marketing, significant innovations are less frequently observed when compared to alternate technologically based industries, but My Ringless Voicemail, a division of CPL Mobile Marketing, has recently deployed a major infrastructural upgrade within the mobile delivery sphere. A recent unveiling and deployment of their True Ringless Technology (TRT) has massively improved the method by which ringless voicemail messages are delivered.

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“True Ringless Technology significantly improves ringless voice drop delivery rates due to a contracted server-to-server connection between our platform and the mobile carrier’s voicemail systems,” said senior technical advisor Steve Elliott. “The majority of current platforms use an outdated pinging method to deliver messages which isn’t technically ringless. They function by placing two simultaneous split-second phone calls, and while one is routed to the voice box, the other shows up on the recipient’s phone as a missed call, but with TRT technology, a truly ringless solution has been implemented that does not show a missed call.”

According to Elliott, “this technology will not be exclusive to My Ringless Voicemail, but it will exist within a relatively small spectrum of licensed platforms and distributors. Additionally, the technology (TRT) ensures compliance in situations where a voice drop is allowed but a robocall is not. Frequently, we see organizations who think they are delivering ringless messages, but they are actually making automated calls due to the nature of their platform, and this can potentially open them up to liability concerns.” In the mobile marketing industry, compliance is foundational, and My Ringless Voicemail’s True Ringless Technology ensures companies are delivering a truly ringless message.

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