The Unlimited Data Myth; How Will The Market Fill a Bottomless Pit?

Mobile Experts Finds mm-wave Capacity Crucial for Market Success

Mobile Experts has just released a crucial report in their Expert INSIGHTseries, which offers timely, strategic thought leadership on pivotal market issues. This INSIGHT document illustrates how leading mobile operators will run out of capacity in the near future.

Mobile Expert predicts that in order to achieve their market goals, operators such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile/Sprint will not succeed without using mm-wave capacity to augment existing bands.

The consumer market is shifting, and this concise, meticulously researched report delivers evidence for their assessment of the current market, in which major transitions are already occurring, as well as that renowned thought leadership for the market’s future.

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“From our perspective, Mobile is winning, and Cable is losing,” commented Principal Analyst Joe Madden. “In the US market, the transition has already begun. T-Mobile offers unlimited Netflix over their network. AT&T is launching a direct-to-consumer streaming service for HBO and other Time Warner content. Cable companies are losing TV customers quickly, but will soon begin to lose internet customers as well; the market is being forced to adapt or fall apart.”

According to Mobile Experts, the demand for mobile data will continue to soar. Consumer demand for ample, even tremendous, mobile data coverage is a problem that market players will be forced to solve, and do so quickly. In this Expert INSIGHT, Mobile Experts offers detailed explanations about what’s happening and what’s coming, but they do not stop there. The report unpacks extensive, objective advice for the next step serious market players should take in order to provide for consumer demand.

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“If mobile data were only used for maps and short Facebook videos, then usage would likely level off at 10-15 GB per month, and the market would flatten out.  But people are watching videos that consume far greater amounts of data, and the ceiling on mobile data usage has now shot up to a new level,” commented Mobile Experts Principal Analyst Joe Madden.

Subscribers to Mobile Experts research will receive:

  • Full access to Millimeter Wave 5G is Necessary for Capacity and all other Expert INSIGHT strategic reports;
  • Detailed charts and figures;
  • Detailed Excel files with forecast data through 2023;
  • Quarterly market share, pricing and shipment updates;
  • Access to the analysts behind the reports.

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