SurveyOL Upgrades Its Online Survey Platform

SurveyOL , a privately held U.S. based software company specializing in market research, has just introduced a number of major improvements to its very successful survey creation platform.

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The following key additions are immediately available for all users:

  • New “Basic” $9.90 monthly plan
  • Increased mobile friendly accessibility with SMS texting capabilities (instant or scheduled)
  • Secure surveys with predefined or custom privacy statements
  • Three distinctive display formats (Classic, One Question at a Time, One Question per Screen)
  • PLUS. . .Additional user experience improvements

SurveyOL continuously listens to the market. It is now laser focused on making the mobile phone a major market research platform. According to Salesforce, SMS communications have an open rate of 98%, substantially better than 20% for emails. Furthermore, there are expectations of 70%  growth in global mobility connectivity, per Cisco’s annual internet report (2018-2023). “The new upgrade offers a much-improved respondent experience that we are confident will significantly differentiate SurveyOL in the competitive arena,” stated Sahar Erickson, Director Business Development/CX.

Erickson added, “Another major component of the upgrade is enhanced security, a critical ingredient in a time of relentless phishing, scams, and outright online fraud.” The same Cisco report predicts an exponential increase in system breaches and records exposures by 2023. “It’s our task to provide our customers,” Erickson indicated, “with privacy statement options. The availability of these statements, predefined or totally custom, offer our customer’s customer with a greater sense of security which will also substantially increase response rates.”

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SurveyOL is dedicated to making its customers more successful via easy to create surveys while delivering fast analytical results. The knowledge gained can help sustain customer loyalty, retain key employees, and strengthen partnership relations. Utilizing SurveyOL provides the user with the insights to overcome even the toughest barriers to success.

SurveyOL has a free trial to instantly get you up-and-running. All its survey templates, developed by professionals for both research novices and professionals, can be easily customized to address any specific need and concern.