Clickstop Fills its Cart with Business Insights from NetSuite

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Helps Multi-Brand Retailer Unify and Analyze its Financial and Inventory Data to Enhance Decision Making and Accelerate Growth

Clickstop, a multi-brand retailer serving a range of diverse markets, is using Oracle NetSuite to support its rapid growth. With NetSuite and NetSuite Analytics Warehouse, Clickstop has been able to successfully integrate multiple acquisitions, increase efficiencies by centralizing its business operations on a single platform, and make faster and more informed decisions as it continues to grow.

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Founded in 2005, Clickstop has grown from a basement in Iowa to a $50+ million company that now sells a wide range of products across diverse industries, from hot pepper seeds and plants to cargo equipment. After a series of acquisitions over the past decade, Clickstop’s financial and inventory management systems became complex and difficult to manage. This made it extremely challenging for the Clickstop team to access the business insights they needed to make timely decisions as they continued their rapid growth. With NetSuite, Clickstop was able to address this challenge and quickly gain meaningful and actionable business insights from its financial and inventory management systems.

“Considering we grew from a $4 million company in 2009 to a $50+ million one today, we have always had ambitious growth plans – but our sluggish and error-prone data analysis and reporting were preventing us from reaching our goals,” said Tom Altman, CTO, Clickstop. “By centralizing our financial and inventory management systems on NetSuite and using NetSuite Analytics Warehouse to analyze our data, we’ve been able to gain and act on invaluable business insights much faster than before. With a comprehensive picture of the health of our business at any given moment, NetSuite has undoubtedly been one of the keys to our rapid growth over the past decade.”

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With NetSuite, Clickstop was able to centralize enterprise resource planning (ERP), accounting, and inventory management on a single business platform. This has helped Clickstop significantly increase the accuracy of its financial and inventory management data and reduce the time required to generate actionable reports. In addition, with NetSuite Analytics Warehouse, Clickstop has been able to improve the speed and accuracy of its data analysis, which has helped it make faster and more informed business decisions. For example, Clickstop anticipates that NetSuite Analytics Warehouse will help it produce reports 60 percent faster than before.

“Clickstop’s rapid growth is impressive, especially considering that the retail industry is such a competitive market,” said Evan Goldberg, EVP, Oracle NetSuite. “With NetSuite, the Clickstop team has a single platform to run their entire business and are able to take advantage of comprehensive data analytics and reporting capabilities to continue the journey towards their ambitious growth goals.”