COVID Proof for Events Now Available to Automate COVID Vaccination Verification

Nametag now offers two new solutions to help event organizers and individuals verify vaccination status and safely hold holiday and 2022 events

Whether it’s holiday parties or events and meetings in 2022, companies and organizations are gearing up for the challenges ahead in how to safely come together. Nametag – the fast, safe, everywhere ID – today launched COVID Proof for Events to help address the problem and automate the process of verifying COVID vaccination status. Every company, organization or individual who uses the secure, online system will receive 25 verifications for free and is charged just $5 per verification (with a $500 minimum) after that.

Although COVID cases are currently on the rise in the US, public health officials have said that fully vaccinated and boosted adults can enjoy some typical holiday gatherings. Automating vaccine verification is another step in adhering to CDC guidelines, while ensuring every individual’s privacy is respected, with no information stored. Verifying vaccination status, whether by choice or to comply with a vaccine mandate, can help attendees feel safer in large gatherings.

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“It was a hassle to manually verify vaccination status ahead of time and this tool was really easy to set up. We also liked that it’s encrypted so the information stays private.”

COVID Proof for Events offers several advantages:

  • Increased speed and accuracy: advanced AI is used to match vaccination cards to government-issued IDs, eliminating the need for this to be manually checked and logged
  • Privacy at its core: you can view what data you need to on a web portal without ever downloading sensitive information; those who upload their information also have a user-friendly mobile app (IOS or Android) to keep track of their information
  • Real-time guest list: view or download a real-time report of guest vaccination status for tracking purposes
  • On-Site Fast Pass: securely provide guests with a single credential they can show for express entry at your venue

Earlier this year, Nametag introduced COVID Proof, a free app that allows consumers to upload and verify their vaccination status with a government-issued ID, matched to the text on the COVID card. It can be used in all 50 states wherever proof of vaccination status is required or requested.

“We bring our team together on a regular basis for company meetings and COVID Proof for Events has really given our leadership team and employees peace of mind,” said Whitney Mitchell, CEO of Beacon Digital Marketing. “It was a hassle to manually verify vaccination status ahead of time and this tool was really easy to set up. We also liked that it’s encrypted so the information stays private.”

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COVID Proof for Events is scalable for events of any size, and signing up takes just a few minutes. To get started, go to Nametag’s site to create a custom partner code for your event. Once this is established, share a unique verification link with your event attendees so they can begin uploading their information. You can view or download a real-time report as needed. Those who upload their information can revoke access at any time.

“As we head into the holiday season and colder weather, more gatherings are going to be taking place indoors,” said Aaron Painter, CEO and Founder of Nametag. “We understand the desire for people to get together after such a long period of isolation and we designed COVID Proof for Events to help ease the process of verifying vaccination status, whether that is being done to feel safe or to comply with vaccine mandates.”

Nametag’s COVID Proof tools:

  • COVID Proof for Employers: Ideal for large companies, this works similar to COVID Proof for Events. For this tool, employers set up a dedicated page on Nametag’s site and create custom partner code for their organization. Once this is established, they will share a unique verification link with their employees so they can begin uploading their information. Real-time reports can be viewed or downloaded as needed. This is free for the first 250 verifications and just $5 for each verification above that.
  • COVID Proof: This free app allows consumers to upload their ID and vaccine information and is the only way to show both proof of vaccination and ID in one place across all 50 states, allowing restaurants and other small businesses to comply with indoor vaccination mandates.
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