5 Things That Will Immediately Enhance Your Visitors Experience

paraminfo logoBeing social is a human trait. Whether it’s your home or place of work, you will always want to make sure that your visitors are comfortable and have the best experience. Be it the convenience of getting to your establishment or returning to it, your visitor’s experience should be smooth and intuitive.

A visitor management system is an answer to all these questions. It is a unique piece of technology that makes your visitors feel right at home. It not only enhances their experience but also acts as a digital reception thus keeping track of everyone who visits you and helps you go through that data at the touch of a button.

Easy Communication

The best feeling as a visitor is when you’re greeted at the door by the host. No matter who you are, a firm handshake or even a warm hello takes the visitor experience to the next level. The entire process of the visitor signing in at the reception, you approving their visit and then the receptionist announcing their arrival is frankly a tedious one. And moreover, it takes a lot of time and money.

Visitor management solutions automate this entire process by allowing your visitor to sign in with their recommended ID card. This intuitive solution also has a real-time notification feature. This communicates to you that your visitor has arrived so that you are there at the door to receive them.

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Reinforced Feedback Solutions

It is almost impossible to cater to everyone’s specific needs. But the mark of a good host is someone who listens to the right feedback and implements it for better visitor experience. But feedback rarely reaches the concerned authorities at the right time and almost always gets lost in the maze of bureaucracy.

A Visitor management system allows you to do just that. It allows your visitors to record and deliver their grievances or feedback to the right authorities in real-time. This smart feedback system allows the management to respond promptly to all such feedbacks to make sure that the visitor has a smooth and comfortable experience.

Smooth Entry and Verification

In line with the standard security measures that are applied to most institutions these days, all visitors have to sign in while entering any establishment. The manual process of signing in a register and then verifying it is a lengthy one and also not error-free.

A visitor management solution solves this process entirely by creating an automatic sign-in procedure. The visitor can now use their appropriate IDs or badges and sign in without the hassle of manually filling in all the details. Moreover, the concerned authorities have to no longer worry about making a human error anymore with this intuitive solution.

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Easy Access to Regular Visitors

One of the finest hospitality gestures is to recognize a returning visitor. Just identifying a person who comes in regularly and skipping the verification and signing in the process can elevate their experience a lot. But in manual entry, this is not a possibility because the signing is the key part of keeping track of everyone who comes and goes. A visitor management software can intuitively identify a returning visitor and help him/her bypass the entire signing in process. All they have to do is use the QR code on their previously used IDs and the system will grant them access while also recording their entry.

Easy Access to Data

While ease of access to data might not be directly related to providing a fine visitor experience but it is one of the most crucial points of interest for the management staff. A visitor management software displays all the relevant data in the dashboard. It is shown in a detailed yet easy to understand graphical representation that gives the staff a good idea about whom to cater and how to go about it.

A proper statistic about the metrics of the guests can be a huge boon to the planning and execution of a fulfilling experience. Visitor management system not only gives you the freedom to invest your time in more important aspects of visitor management like hospitality and feedback compliance but also takes away the mundane tasks of keeping track of the guests. Hospitality is a very human experience but technology is what makes this an enjoyable experience too.

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