A Letter From Our Founders

We created #paid in an effort to support people’s passion for creating engaging content, and enable the world to experience their photography and powerful storytelling on a day-to-day basis. After thousands of brand collaborations with #ThePaidCrew, we’re happy to see that we’re connecting the most creative minds with some of the most reputable, innovative, and forward-thinking brands in the world.

To the urban photographers, the parent bloggers, the wanderlust explorers, the dedicated pet owners, the fitness gurus, the fashion stars, and many other amazing content creators, the #paid team is proud to support your passions and facilitate collaborations with world-class brands as you entertain and engage your audiences.

Our Story

Our desire to empower creatives and facilitate collaborations started with our good friend, Ronnie. Ronnie was on a personal journey to reach her fitness goals and began documenting her path to better health and fitness. Much to her and our surprise, her Instagram account quickly gained traction as she amassed tens of thousands of followers who were looking to her for inspiration and motivation to make a positive change in their life. Ronnie’s audience was looking for tips on products that help them achieve their lifestyle goals, and that’s when we realized there was a huge opportunity for Ronnie to make money sharing the products she believed in with her engaged audience. Ronnie didn’t have time to find or negotiate with marketers, and so we helped bring her authentic brand collaboration opportunities while she focused on what she did best: share beautiful content with her engaged followers. Today, we utilize our proprietary technology to facilitate collaborations between marketers and tens of thousands of creators from around the world.

There is a new revolution taking place. With the growth of social media, the barriers to creating and sharing digital content are lowered; we’re seeing the democratization of creative talent, where the most talented people can organically build a following and become their own media publisher. Smart marketers recognize this new wave and have fueled the fastest growing marketing channel—most commonly called influencer marketing—and we are excited to be leaders shaping the industry in the best way possible for the marketers, the creators, and the audiences themselves.

We’re proud to share with you a collection of collaborations we’ve facilitated and showcase the amazing people of #ThePaidCrew, as well as our brand partners.

We hope what you see inspires you.

Very best,

Adam Rivietz

Co-Founder of #paid

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