Introduces Agency Partner Program to Meet Evolving Customer Needs

Powered by Technology, Brands Manage Social Marketing At Scale Via Network of Full-Service Agencies; Three Additional Service Models Available, a Facebook advertising creative, optimization and automation tool, announced the launch of its Agency Partner Program to complement the three service models introduced previously. Digital advertisers of all sizes can take advantage of’s scalable technology and automation capabilities through a Certified Agency Partner. The program is designed for both the marketers looking to combine efforts across various media channels, as well as the brands that simply prefer collaborating with a dedicated agency team.

Each agency is carefully vetted to ensure in-depth knowledge of both Facebook advertising and the platform, which now manages $1 billion in annual ad spend. The versatile launch partners provide the right fit for any industry, goal or budget.

In addition to the Agency Partner Program, offers three distinct service models: SaaS for advertisers who run ad operations in-house, Managed Onboarding for brands who need outside resources to get started and gradually roll operations back in-house, and Managed Service where handles everything from setup to execution and reports back to the advertiser.

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Whether working with a Agency Partner or directly with, advertisers receive access to the latest insights, optimization strategies, best practices and formats from Facebook—helping them acquire more customers, generate a greater return on ad spend and stay at the forefront of a rapidly evolving industry.

Mobile ad agency and Certified Agency Partner, Bamboo, implemented a scalable paid social acquisition strategy for dog walking app, Rover, by running campaigns through Using’s Predictive Budget Allocation tool to better distribute budget across campaigns, and optimizing creative with’s stop-loss automation feature, Rover saw 200% more completed user registrations week-over-week.

Danny Sauter
Danny Sauter

“Bamboo is excited to be a newly certified partner, as it enables us to provide clients, like Rover and Care/of, with the immediate proof of who is truly their highest value audience and which campaigns deliver the most value,” said Danny Sauter, co-founder, Bamboo. “The ability to quickly iterate and optimize creatives is a game changer. Not only can we optimize for the highest value channels and placements, but we can also test creatives faster and automatically stop underperforming ads, guaranteeing that only top performing ones are served.”

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Many other sophisticated digital advertisers are already working with Agency Partners, and reaping the benefits of a dedicated Facebook Marketing Partner:

  • Jellyfish saw increased efficiencies translate directly into measurable results, for a large educational institution. With the ability to automatically allocate budgets on the platform, Jellyfish achieved 43% more leads for its customer while simultaneously cutting the cost per lead by 27% month-over-month.
  • eBoost utilized’s Creative Rotation functionality for its client, a growing ecommerce company that had never achieved positive ROI from Facebook ads, to test hundreds of creatives and identify the ones that drove the most revenue. The resulting campaigns achieved over 500% ROAS in the first month.
Kristo Ovaska
Kristo Ovaska

“From the very beginning, a core tenet of has been the commitment to our customers’ needs, demonstrated by our ability to continuously innovate alongside them,” said Kristo Ovaska, founder and CEO, “We’ve achieved great success with the addition of our Managed Service program, and, because of our close collaboration with customers, we recognized that many benefit from having an agency, as well. The launch of our Agency Partner Program maintains the level of support, strategy and execution that customers require as they take their ad performance to the next level.”

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