Canvs & Ampsy Partner To Bring Audience Emotion Measurement To Live Events

Partnership Unlocks Granular Location-Centric Audience Emotion Insights for Biggest Brands in Music, Sports, Retail, Travel and Conferences

While Digital can’t compete with the physical magic of live events, that doesn’t stop people from live-sharing their real-world experiences across social platforms. Enter the emotion measurement leader Canvs who has partnered with the hyperlocal live events analytics company Ampsy to deliver location-centric audience emotion insights at events for the biggest brands in music, sports, retail, travel and conferences.

The Ampsy platform combines proprietary geofencing technology with real-time experience analytics to deliver a live event media aggregation service with insights about attendees who take to social during games, concerts, conferences and more. Ampsy helps identify and compartmentalize this digitally-engaged live audience, uncovering people with influence over their followers. These influencers are important ongoing sales targets, in addition to serving as candidates to be activated for future marketing campaigns.

By plugging into the Canvs API, Ampsy can now further qualify live audiences with an understanding of the event moments which most emotionally resonate with attendees. These emotion insights can be used for marketing — for example, taking the most “loved” play in the game or moment in the concert and using it as video snippet for social media marketing. Further, Canvs insights can be used to identify themes, songs and programming that most resonate with people, subsequently informing companies about where to make iterative marketing and programming changes moving forward.

“Sentiment analysis isn’t enough, and with Canvs we have a true view into how event attendees feel about the live content they’re experiencing. Emotion measurement data gives us a more granular understanding into the specific moments that people love, and with these insights we can prescribe to our partners marketing and programming initiatives, in addition to signaling specific ways to improve and elicit more emotions at future events,” said Jeremy Gocke, CEO at Ampsy.

Ampsy creates a virtual fence around a physical location, uncovering real-time posts from geo-enabled social media accounts — with no need for beacons, hashtags or third party app data.

The company’s unique offering has enjoyed broad adoption from brands: Jimmy Kimmel Live, Red Bull, AT&T, Washington Wizards, American Idol and many more.

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Jared A. Feldman
Jared A. Feldman

“Ampsy has cracked the nut on measuring the real-time social signal at events, making them a strategic partner and this an important API deal for Canvs as we’ve aspired to bring our audience emotion insights to the live events marketplace for some time now. We’re working closely with Ampsy to apply learnings from our work with TV networks and brands to now help professional sports teams, music industry organizations and others utilize emotion measurement data for better programming and business outcomes,” said Jared Feldman, CEO at Canvs.

Canvs was founded in 2014 to help media companies inform their TV programming results from reactions on Twitter. Today, with API access to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and with their own API, Canvs is empowers media companies, technology platforms, brands and agencies to decode the troves of social banter across platforms. Companies who trust Canvs for emotion analytics include: Netflix, FOX, NBC, Viacom, Warner Brothers, Sony Entertainment, Initiative, Lionsgate, Pilgrim Studios, PopSugar, StyleHaul, Creative Artist Agency, Assembly, and 360i, among countless more.

“Ampsy gives us quick, efficient clarity on influential attendees who take to social at our client events and experiential activations, and we’ve had success retargeting and leveraging those,” said Darren Wilson, president of bluemedia, the national signage firm behind the design, printing, fabrication, and installation of the biggest events in the world, including the Super Bowl, MLB All-Star Game, NFL Kickoff, Playstation Fiesta Bowl,and more. “As we look to further unlock insights about what motivates and interests fans, we’re eager to see how audience emotion data can help us engage event attendees with purpose and improve our clients’ activations over time.”

Canvs is the industry standard in measuring emotion. The company uses patented semantic analysis technology to understand how people feel, why they feel that way, and the business impact created for brands, agencies, and media companies. Organizations including Comcast, Fox, Turner and Netflix use Canvs daily to create research efficiencies, unlock authentic marketing opportunities and increase revenue by enabling emotions to be used as a currency in media transactions.

At scale, Ampsy uses its proprietary social geofencing technology and machine learning algorithms to help clients identify, segment & activate their most socially influential customers at events or business locations, leading to increased brand loyalty, engagement & revenue.

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