Why Do People Hire Web Designers? Web Designer Vs Website Builder

Web Designers are not exactly cheap. If you are hiring a website design and development company, the costs can escalate quickly. But how is it justified to pay so much money for your new website when you can use a website builder, that too without any cost? This piece will try to cover the fundamental understanding of web designers and website builders.

What is a Web Designer? 

A web designer from a web design company will be responsible for making your website look the way you want it to. They will focus on its style and aesthetics, using a varied range of software like Photoshop to make website visuals from scratch. They’d also be well versed with CSS and HTML that are instrumental in creating preferred design set pieces.

But there’s more to web designer since they have their respective areas of specialization such as:

  • UX or User Experience Designer: A UX web designer devises ways to keep the viewers hooked to the website they are building. They are expert craftsmen and can craft websites that fit the niche you are trying to deliver. Their work involves a lot of research surrounding user demographics and website requirements. The website design company also must go through the rigorous process of prototype testing and revisions until it exacts on user affirmation where they are likely to recommend and re-visit.
  • UI or User Interface Designer: A UI designer is someone who has the role of improving user experience and how they interact with the overall interface of the website. The UI designers’ job is to translate and articulate the brand value and ideas in a plausible structure for a website to be enjoyable. They are subtly different from a UX designer since unlike UI, UX requires research that will consolidate a solid foundation leading to affirmative user experience. UI primarily focuses on website aesthetics.
  • Visual Designer: A visual designer is a blend of both UI and UX. They are responsible for improving a user’s journey by employing their coding and creative skills to solve design. A visual designer also finds a solution to any design issues or flaws encountered. They also help brands in finding their voice or tone.

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What is a Website Builder? 

A website builder is nothing but a tool that can substitute the technical aspects of website building. It is a substitute often frequented when hiring web developers becomes monetarily exhausting. Anyone without any prescribed knowledge of Photoshop can select custom made template designs and work on them. You don’t even need to know HTML, CSS, or any appropriate coding language to work on the website builder’s pre-set code and functions. So, a website builder essentially allows you to set up a website quickly and cheaply with moderately good looking to functioning websites.

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Web Designer VS Website Builder: Why Do People Hire Web Designers?

Now that you have the fundamental idea of what web designers and website builders are, you can choose the path you want to follow. But if you are still flustered and wondering why people still prefer to hire professional web developers and web designers, then here are some points for you to refer to.

  • Unique Design: A professional web designer will help your brand find its unique voice and identity.
  • Optimized for conversion: A professional web designer can devise a structure for your website such that it garners conversions leading to enhanced sales and traffic.
  • SEO optimized: A professional web designer will help you find the right set of keywords and keep your site optimized with the same.
  • Support: It can be excruciating to get help when you don’t know what happens behind the scenes. So, a professional, if hired, can make that problem go away through remote access and fixing what requires fixing.
  • Saves time: By hiring a professional, you are essentially saving yourself a lot of time. Once you have a clear idea of what you are looking for, professional web designers can translate the same into their work without any deterrents.

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