Top 10 Appointment Scheduling Software For Every Business

paraminfo logoA business should be run like a tight ship. There are going to be tons of meetings every day, conferences to attend, symposiums to learn from, networking events to grow in. The possibilities are endless. But it is you who has to decide whether or not something is worth investing your time and money in, depending on the kind of ROI you will get from it. That is how you run a profitable business. Strike the perfect balance between giving and acquiring of knowledge.

An appointment scheduling software helps you convey the exact hours or even minutes of the day you want to spend doing a particular activity. This way you don’t spend any more time on it than you have to and you get to integrate your entire staff in that system to make sure the internal management runs like clockwork.

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In here we will discuss the top 10 appointment scheduling software and how your business can benefit from each of them.

1. piLOBI

Perhaps the most comprehensive and efficient visitor management software available in the marketplace, piLOBI offers your business with a plethora of features to utilize effectively. Whether you are a small business or a big enterprise, piLOBI’s visitor management system is most effective at appointment scheduling and saving time and resources. Some of the most prominent features of piLOBI’s software are as follows:

  • Visitor verification through OTP, which helps in preventing unscheduled visitors on-premises
  • Issues a visitor’s pass to the scheduled visitor for a more secure and professional visit, which are also customizable according to your venture’s likings
  • The host gets instantly notified via SMS and email once the visitor checks-in
  • Is compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices
  • Creates comprehensive reports by analyzing visitor data stored in secure cloud
  • Appointment scheduling is convenient for both visitors and hosts with an easy UI

2. Setmore

Receiving perfect reviews across all channels, Setmore is a cloud-based easy to use scheduling app. It is super intuitive to use and has features like drag and drop and team management too.

Highlighting features of Setmore are as follows:

  • Each appointment can be assigned to a staff member and embedded with client notes.
  • It can be accessed via a browser or smartphone
  • A staff member can manage his/her own calenders
  • It can be synced with mailing platforms like Google, Outlook, and Office365
  • It can be integrated into social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook

3. Square Appointments

When you’re a small business, having a lobby and a receptionist can be a really expensive deal. So, for small businesses visitor management systems are a boon in disguise that allows automatic sign-ins. Similarly, if you’re a small business owner without a shiny lobbyist all you need to book appointments is Square.

This cloud-based software has a built-in payment processing system that allows you to accept payments, adjust for tips, taxes, and discounts. Some of the more intuitive features are:

  • You can sync it to the Google Calendar and choose when your clients can book appointments with you
  • You can automate of reminders, emails, and call to the clients
  • You can view your customer history
  • It also allows you to monitor employee schedules in multiple locations

4. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is an app best suited for small to mid-sized businesses spread across the globe. It automates booking and allows the clients to schedule their own appointments thus removing this mundane task from a receptionist’s daily routine. All bookings reflect in real-time to avoid any kind of confusion or overlapping schedules.

Unique features of Acuity Scheduling include:

  • The syncing of different time zones to manage bookings
  • An integrated payment platform through Stripe,, and PayPal
  • It has a free option for a single user
  • It can be integrated with many other free tools like MailChimp, Quickbooks, and many other third-party applications via Zapier.

5. GigaBook

Data management and availability are the biggest factors when it comes to efficiently assign work to your staff. Good visitor management solutions help you aggregate all the data and feedback you need in the same place to assess the situation.

GigaBook is another appointment scheduling software that can be used to smartly manage your time. It is highly flexible, allowing you to choose the staff, room, and equipment required for every appointment.

Some of the other interesting features of GigaBook are:

  • Gigabook has its own project management tools and to-do lists
  • It provides customized reports with which you can track your growth
  • Sync your personal calendars from Google, Office365, and Outlook
  • It has an integrated payment platform through Stripe, Braintree,, and PayPal

6. 10to8

Customer feedback is probably the most important part of growing your business and you can do just that by integrating your office with a visitor management system. It works on simplifying the feedback process for the customers and send all the raw data directly to you in real-time.

10to8 is one of those software that allows you to interact with your customers and helps you understand their perception of your business.

Some of the unique features of 10to8 are:

  • Clients get to respond to your messages and confirm, cancel or request changes in their appointments.
  • It can be synced with social media platforms like Facebook, Slack, and email.
  • It doubles up as a payment portal with Stripe, PayPal and SagePay
  • It also provides you with custom reports to track your growth

7. Appointy

Appointy is an online appointment scheduling software that works not only for businesses but in various avenues like classes, workshops, events, tours. It gives every business, educational institute and service delivery platform to schedule their appointments with clients.

Appointy has a myriad amount of customizable options and some of its capabilities are:

  • Integration with social media platforms
  • It has an integrated payment platform through Stripe,, and PayPal
  • You can automate of reminders, emails, and call to the clients
  • You also have the option to create gift cards, customized deals and unique discounts

8. Checkfront

A smart system always optimizes your work for you. For example, your return customers are your biggest asset so it is of utmost importance that you pay heed to them. A smart visitor management software recognizes your returning customers and makes sure that they don’t have to wait in a queue for signing in and verification.

Talking about intuitive softwares, Checkfront is one of the appointment scheduling software that has Business Intelligence built into it. It helps you track and monitor your Sales and Marketing data so that you can plan ahead to optimize your venture for maximum output.

Some of the standout features of Checkfront are:

  • Its deeply integrated with business processes like CRM, Sales, CMS, and Marketing
  • It also doubles up as a payment portal and can be adjusted to do a full or partial payment processing
  • Its highly customizable and robust booking architecture particularly favors it for the travel industry

9. Calendly

Calendly helps you automate the entire process of scheduling appointments, emails, and phone calls. These are mundane activities with little margin for error and a robust platform taking away from that workload is perfectly suited for all kinds of businesses.

This app is perfectly suited to handle corporate appointments, meetings, demos and interviews and suits all small to mid-sized businesses.

Some of the interesting features of Calendly are:

  • It easily integrates itself with your personal calendars like Google, Office365, and Outlook.
  • It can also be utilized for customer service and Sales driver
  • It allows you through access to all the data and includes metrics that are key to understanding the progress of a business model
  • Its open API and privacy control features make it a dynamic and flexible scheduling platform

10. Appointment Plus

Appointment Plus is a corporate-focused scheduling software that is oriented to handle client meetings. Its pricing is perfectly suited for enterprise requirements. And it also delivers a robust yet easy to platform that simplifies organization techniques.

It lets both parties easily navigate through open spots and schedules for meetings and appointments. This helps you avoid conflict and automatically syncs all appointment related data to your personal calendar.

The top features of Appointment Plus are:

  • It has over 500 configurable options to customize the metrics like permissions, waiting lists and open hours.
  • Although it is designed for enterprise use, it also has features that help in internal scheduling
  • It perfectly handles high volume appointments and is designed perfectly for enterprise needs

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Efficiency and smooth functioning are key identifiers to a growing business. With a transparent and easy to use schedule you can understand what to focus on and thus give every stratum of your business the due attention it deserves.

Time is money and visitor management system helps you invest your money into taking care of your guests, listening to their grievances and moving swiftly to solve them thus helping you make the most of your time.

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