Why Marketers Use Call Tracking Software

phonexa logoDigital marketers in Lead Generation have an exceedingly complicated job to do. They are often running multiple campaigns across a variety of different channels in an effort to get more leads and produce a robust return on investment (ROI). While these marketers utilize digital platforms to generate high volumes of traffic and reach prospects, there remains a critical need to track and measure the inbound call leads that they generate.

As smartphones have become a dominant force in the lives of consumers, the inbound call has become all the more valuable for digital marketers. In fact, digital channels are driving 92% of calls to businesses—often as the result of mobile search and “click to call” interactive options. In order to get the attribution for these calls and learn which campaigns are driving them, marketers need to utilize call tracking software.

Call Tracking Software Solutions

For marketers, call tracking software offers an answer to the question: “What is driving my inbound calls?” When a business uses call tracking software, they are able to use trackable phone numbers that show the attribution of their call leads—tracing them back to PPC ads, social media ads, or content marketing that directs traffic to a company website. This lets marketers know which campaigns are the most successful, giving them an opportunity to shift resources to their highest performing Marketing efforts.

The best call tracking platforms offer value and functionality in addition to inbound call attribution. Features like real-time traffic analyzation and detailed caller analytics provide performance insight that is tremendously valuable for Marketing professionals in the Lead Generation business. They can even use management tools like a customizable IVR constructor or call lead distributor to better categorize and disseminate call leads.

Finding the Best Call Tracking Software

The clear usefulness for call tracking software has created a surplus of call tracking solutions in the market. A Google search for “call tracking software” will undoubtedly bring up pages of results and companies all promising the same thing. It can be maddening for even experienced Marketing professionals to separate the most useful platforms from the rest of the pack.

Noted data analysis and consulting firm BIA Advisory Services was recently commissioned by Phonexa to compile and release a Call Tracking Software Competitive Intelligence Report to assist marketers in their search for call tracking solutions. The succinct report offers professionals a snapshot view of three major call tracking software platforms. With a clear overview of the capabilities and functionality of these call tracking options, the decision-making process for marketers has been streamlined.

The report reveals much. For example, there are some basic levels of value and functionality that all the platforms provide, such as real-time reporting, the ability to accept and distribute calls with an application package, and tools to capture data at the campaign, keyword, and ad level. But differences also emerge, mostly because of the increased functionality available on the Phonexa “all-in-one” call tracking platform.

The Phonexa platform is notable for a list of Digital Marketing tools that dwarf others in the space. According to the report, Phonexa has over ten platform capabilities that are available for free that are either not available on other platforms or come at an additional cost. Most significant is the availability of built-in platforms for Lead Management, Email Marketing, and Integrated Accounting.

The Value of Call Tracking Platforms that Do More

Because marketers in Lead Generation are likely enacting their efforts across many different channels, sometimes they will need to depend on multiple software solutions to keep track of all their Lead Generation initiatives. Web leads require their own Lead Management system, and many marketers also utilize Email Marketing for lead retargeting purposes. These other features can have a significant impact on data collection and having access to them allows marketers to increase their ROI and grow their business.

It is very apparent that Lead Generation and Digital Marketing professionals are rarely able to stick to just one Marketing channel. Call leads, web leads, and retargeted leads are often all necessary for a business to thrive and scale-up. With the help of the BIA Advisory Services report, marketers can make an informed decision regarding which call tracking software solution will add the most value to their business.

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