Top 5 Best Android App Development Companies in Dubai

The fast-growing market for Android applications is a clear testimony to the compelling benefits and scalability of Android apps, which are helping businesses in a variety of ways to transform their efforts into higher Sales and improved ROI. Nowadays, irrespective of size, industry, or service, mobile apps, especially reliable and easy-to-use android apps, are increasingly becoming an integral part of every business that seeks to deliver a seamless customer experience.

The upward trajectory of demand for Android apps is driving a rapid surge in the number of Android app development companies in one of the world’s hottest business destinations – Dubai. Showcasing a range of exciting features, top-notch Android app developers in Dubai rival one another to offer their customers superior services, so that the developers can strengthen their presence in the burgeoning app development market.

This complicates the decision-making process for businesses looking for an android application development company in Dubai that would be most suitable for their business model.

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To save business owners from the tedious task of analyzing and determining, this document lists the top 5 best android app development companies in Dubai.

1 – ParamInfo

A pioneer in the development of Android applications in Dubai, ParamInfo designs premium Android apps that enable enterprises across the industry spectrum to interact with their customers effortlessly. From a gaming application to an Android app for news sharing or selling products and services, ParamInfo strives to meet and exceed customer expectations with its tailor-made, customized solutions.

The android app development company in Dubai, famed for its expertise and excellence in the industry, offers customers an array of services, which include –

  • Complete bug-free android applications with clean, optimized codes
  • Improved solutions using the best-in-class Android tools and technologies
  • Project-specific dedicated app developers
  • Cost-efficient, quality-focused development
  • Speedy delivery and 24/7 technical assistance

Offering Android app development services to top global enterprises, ParamInfo gives customers a bouquet of options to create apps that add value to their businesses.

2 – Ingic Applications

One of the most trusted android app developers in Dubai, Ingic Applications specializes in delivering resilient and scalable Android mobile apps designed to support today’s emerging technological needs. Equipped with a team of highly skilled app development professionals, Ingic’s primary aim is to create Android mobile applications that have a strong impact on heightening end-user experiences.

Ingic Applications’ Android app development services include –

  • A user-centric, minimalistic design approach that drives increased engagement
  • High-grade QA testing to spot glitches and bugs
  • App metrics and analytics for deeper insights into profiles, patterns, and behaviors
  • App lifecycle nurturing after launch

Thanks to the streamlined development process for mobile Android apps, Ingic Applications gives businesses the much-needed competitive edge.

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3 – Royex Technologies

Royex Technologies, a top-ranking android app development company in Dubai, focuses on creating revolutionary Android apps incorporating powerful features and capabilities. Leveraging the most advanced Android tools, Royex Technologies, comprising a team of seasoned developers, delivers the following mobile application development services to its customers –

  • Idea generation through proprietary processes to meet customized requirements
  • Intuitive, engaging, and unique UI design
  • Flawless code development using the XCODE IDE/Android Studio
  • Rigorous app testing for optimized output
  • Explicit release cycle plans ensuring smooth deployment of apps

Application developers at Royex Technologies aspire to offer cost-effective mobile apps for Android, which enable faster smartphone performance.

4 – Fluper

An android application development company in Dubai, Fluper, allows enterprises to transform their business ideas into custom mobile apps. The company’s in-house application development process for Android considers customers’ needs, so they can meet the requirements to produce applications that precisely match client expectations.

A robust platform for world-class business houses, including’s online dating app, the Times of India, and online food delivery app Otlob, Fluper’s Android application development environment incorporates the following services –

  • PhoneGap and Xamarin Android cross-platform mobile application development
  • Dedicated mobile app developers for enhanced project quality
  • Dynamic and addictive UI designs that do not jeopardize features and functions
  • Fluid app marketing and promotion model
  • Superb life-cycle management for long-run sustainability

Fluper has designed over 50 Android apps that have outstanding customer reviews.

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5 – Fusion Informatics

Fusion Informatics is one of those android app developers in Dubai that are well-known for their exceptional efficiency in creating custom android applications for enterprises and individuals. With a dedicated team of qualified developers, Fusion Informatics caters to a variety of sectors, including Education, Tourism, Retail, Healthcare, and IoT-apps.

Besides assisting enterprises in building a strong customer base through an effective Internet marketing strategy, the premier application development company also provides a host of other advanced solutions, which are –

  • Diverse static mockups to give clients a feel of the app
  • Application wireframing to portray feasibility selections, features, and program details
  • Stringent testing process to eliminate malfunctions
  • Agile and interactive app interface
  • Industry’s best professionals specializing in quality assurance

With enterprise growth at its core, Fusion Informatics seeks to develop applications that allow organizations to engage freely with end-users.


Round-the-clock customer service is critical to minimizing application downtime. ParamInfo is an android app development company in Dubai, which is ahead of the competition in this area, thanks to its 24/7 technical assistance.

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