Website Home Page: 5 Tips to Get More Conversions

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The homepage is the face of your website. That’s why it’s so critical to optimize it for conversions. Some websites get a decent level of traffic, but a large percentage of those visitors never turn into leads or customers. Why is that so?

Emphasizing on how well you present the homepage can bring about a world of difference. It can help you enhance user experience and position your brand in a way that gets them to take action when they land your website. 

Are you still wondering about those little details that your website may be missing out on? Let’s look at some useful tips on how to create that kick-ass website homepage that gets recurring leads for your business. 

1. Present Your Value Proposition

Every business has a key differentiating factor that makes it stand out amidst competitors. Your homepage is a piece of real-estate that lets you communicate about that value proposition. 

Here are some key things that your value proposition brings forth for your visitors:

  1. How is your business committed to the cause of your potential customers?
  2. What is the reason to believe that your business’ brand promise will be fulfilled? 
  3. What are some of the key benefits of buying or signing up?

The key to communicating your value proposition lies in effective copywriting. A copywriter first understands the audience-persona to get useful insights into the behavioral preferences of the target audience. 

The next step is to create a compelling and attention-grabbing copy that builds an emotional connection with potential customers and visitors. Take a look at this example from Green Mountain Energy, a company that uses solar and wind energy to produce electricity:

Website Home Page: 5 Tips to Get More ConversionsDon’t forget to repeat the unique value proposition throughout the homepage of your website – the idea is to remind the users and reinforce the brand message. Here’s how Green Mountain Energy has done it throughout its home page:

Website Home Page: 5 Tips to Get More ConversionsWebsite Home Page: 5 Tips to Get More ConversionsEffective copywriting uses the art of brand-storytelling to subtly talk about business advantages and gets visitors to take the desired action. 

2. Optimize for Search 

Once you’re sorted with the tone of voice and brand positioning, you want to get the relevant traffic to your homepage.

The right way is to target one or two popular queries in your niche, along with your brand name keyword. Including keywords in your headings can be quite useful.

  • It is good to ensure that the content on your home page is easy to access and consume.
  • Provide answers to questions to your audience’s search queries through the most relevant information. Link your homepage to all other sections of your website
  • You should make sure your site loads quickly and make it a point that it’s free from any technical SEO issues. You can make use of the right SEO auditing tool to track any such discrepancies and resolve them at the earliest. 
  • Include social proof such as client logos and testimonials on your home page. Plus, the relevant call-to-actions can help the cause of intuitive user experience. 

This diagram from Moz briefly explains some of the vital home page elements that you need for optimizing it the right way.


Website Home Page: 5 Tips to Get More Conversions

3. Include an Introductory Video

According to this study by Wyzowl, 81% of marketers say that video has helped them generate leads and 80% of marketers say, Video has increased dwell time on their website.

A Video gives you lots of opportunities to get quick conversions. For instance, you can start your website home page with a case study video or a testimonial video. Else you could go on and simplify your products and services with a light-hearted entertaining video. Here’s an example of an exciting explainer video from PandaDoc, an automation tool for Sales professionals.

Website Home Page: 5 Tips to Get More ConversionsA video can do magic to your home page content by infusing more life and human elements to it. It’s an awesome way to build trust among website visitors and fetch more conversions. 

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4. Use a Live Chat

Your site visitors may have numerous questions about your products and services. They may want a detailed understanding of the pricing, features or after-sales service, for instance. 

A live chat helps you to connect with visitors in real-time and resolve these queries. It’s a terrific tool to start building a relationship with site visitors. You can have a product expert to handle live chat queries or even create a chatbot that manages a large number of questions at a time. 

Take a look at this example from Promoboxx:

Website Home Page: 5 Tips to Get More Conversions5. Keep It Simple and Precise

Your website home page must not be clogged with information. You can make use of the relevant images and icons to convey your message in a precise way. Using jargon will not make you come across as smart or display your expertise; it will confuse your target audience. 

It’s essential, therefore, explain your communication using simple language. You should make use of bulleted text wherever possible.

The design of your website should align with the brand’s design style guidelines. It should match the use of colors, graphics, and brand logo to all other marketing collateral. Consistent branding is critical to strengthen brand promise and get more conversion. 

While visitors on a website don’t have much time looking for or browsing information, it makes a lot of sense to create a call-to-action that’s conspicuous and easy to locate. Here’s a good example from The Shelf

Website Home Page: 5 Tips to Get More ConversionsKeep running the A/B tests to understand what messages and visuals are working best for your website. 

Final Thoughts

When creating the homepage of your website, you need to start with empathizing with your target audience. It’s when you go out there to do everything to improve user experience and have the right messages; it’s when you become sure of the conversion rate. As a business owner or a marketer, you need to have a critical eye towards your web page’s design, content, and it’s technical aspects. A constant check helps optimize the home page for the targeted level of conversions.

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