Sequoia & Samsung Backed Firms Launch Execution Intelligence Group (E24P) to Address Growing Need for Advanced Practical Expertise in Blockchain & Other Emerging Digital Technologies

Sequoia & Samsung-backed blockchain firms Aergo & Blocko launch Execution Intelligence Group (E24P), aims to address large-scale problems in Smart Government, Smart Tourism, Smart Supply Chains, and Smart Finance with breakthroughs in trusted computing, quantum, cryptography, green energy, IoT, smart identities and practical blockchain coupled with AI

The Aergo Foundation, the open-source software foundation that stewards the Aergo blockchain project, a hybrid blockchain technology protocol built for enterprise use that has been deployed in South Korea by the blockchain technology company Blocko for over 38 clients including Hyundai Motors, Lotte Card, Shinhan Bank, Korea’s National Stock Exchange, and more, today announced that it has launched the Execution Intelligence Group (E24P), a new collective of leading organizations that aims to boost innovation and accelerate growth in high-growth economies in the Middle EastAfrica, and South East Asia (MEASEA) regions by leveraging the most promising innovations in a wide range of emerging technologies from trusted computing to quantum-resistant blockchains.

The team that is spearheading E24P consists of experts from a range of industries that have worked to deploy practical end-to-end working solutions around emerging digital technologies for over 20 years. They began their journey by deploying the first lighthouse enterprise reference use cases for Linux; followed by large scale virtualized data centers and then cloud computing based business ecosystems for Fortune 100 companies. Over the past five years they have continued to showcase their execution capabilities by helping leading firms to adopt secure hybrid blockchain systems that connect with and extend existing B2B focused IT cloud infrastructures, as well as user-centered mobile B2C systems. This team has from the beginning focused on and delivered solutions to some of the most complex projects by using major technological breakthroughs and by working together with advanced partners; having successfully deployed hundreds of large-scale production systems across the globe.

Most recently the core members of E24P deployed a number of large-scale blockchain-based solutions in the areas of digital finance and land registrations in the Middle East, allowing them to gain sponsorship from the ruling family of the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi.

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Early members of E24P include: Blocko, the Samsung-backed blockchain technology company from Korea; Abu Dhabi’s Al Nahyan family; Topos, a team of fintech experts that built a mobile remittances platform for the migrant world that was acquired by Western Union in 2011; and finally, a leading UK and China-based research institute that has devised bleeding-edge innovations in areas of quantum computing, lattice cryptography, M2M supply chain communication, data custody, smart tourism, and smart identities.

E24P aims to generate economic opportunities that improve social outcomes, exploit new business models, and eliminate inefficiencies for governments and large corporations through the creation of new digital civilizations and ecosystems.

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The key value proposition is proven advanced know-how around executing projects using new technologies whilst being pragmatic and practical in terms of re-using and integrating with existing digital IT systems and data. Delivering complex projects at speed and in phases is a core capability of E24P. Too many projects involving blockchain are limited to proof-of-concept ideas that deliver no real business value. Customers are also finding that IT vendors are sometimes more focused on pushing their own solutions than doing the right thing by using the right mixture of technologies. E24P is all about executing and delivering production-ready solutions that show immediate business results.

Imparting deep expertise and building local technical development capabilities in the MEASEA regions in core areas of advanced technologies is a key element of the new group’s strategy. E24P will be working with local partners and system integrators to enable this knowledge transfer.

E24P understands that risk coupled with complexity can in fact be a source of competitive advantage — and that by managing risk more effectively, organizations can unleash their full potential, protecting and creating value for their stakeholders.

E24P is selectively looking to work with like-minded organizations and will be offering their services only to governments and companies that are serious and have a suitable large-scale problem they must address. A series of ongoing government briefings planned in Abu Dhabi, UAE and in Jeddah & Riyadh, Saudi Arabia over the coming months is aimed at identifying such projects.

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