V12 Increases Consumer Database Size by 50%, for an Industry-Leading Total of 327+ Million Records

Enhancements Also Include Highly Predictive Consumer Packaged Goods Data and In-Market Audiences

V12, a leading provider of purchase intent insight and marketing services announced that its consumer database, ConsumerPlus, increased by 50%, for a total of 327+ million records. Additional enhancements were also added including highly predictive CPG audiences based on purchase behavior and in-market shopping audiences. The enhanced consumer dataset creates an industry-leading product to help marketers deliver highly targeted, omnichannel campaigns at scale.

“Consumers demand personalization and relevancy across channels in the messaging they receive from brands. In order to customize at this level, marketers must be savvy in how they use and integrate data to understand their audience on a broader and deeper scale,” said Andy Frawley, CEO of V12. “V12’s consumer database offers the breadth and depth that many other offerings in the marketplace are lacking.”

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In addition to a much larger dataset, enhancements include more highly predictive CPG data. These assets are highly-predictive segments, built using self-reported, deterministic in-store shopping data, V12’s third-party data and AI and machine learning technology.

Also available are in-market shopper audiences, powered by V12’s purchase intent solution, V12 Signals. These audiences have a high propensity to purchase within the next 90 days. They are built using the predictive learning power of V12’s AI and machine learning platforms, which blends rich data assets and V12 Signals in-market data to create audiences at mass-scale. Automotive and auto aftermarket audiences are currently available with additional audiences rolling out across retail industry segments.

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“Clients using our V12 Signals technology are seeing impressive results,” said Anders Ekman, President of V12. “In the automotive industry, we are seeing sales conversion of up to 6% and 3x higher engagement across industries. The in-market models and additional enhancements to our consumer data asset will give marketers powerful capabilities for truly refined, omnichannel marketing that converts prospects into customers.”

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