Adobe Equips Businesses with Free Online Tools; Commits to Highest CX Standards

Global digital customer experience management software provider Adobe announced a series of new features and online channels to empower businesses during COVID-19.

Adobe is offering free services across its various products and platforms. These include Magento Commerce, Marketo Engage, Adobe Connect, Bizible and so on.


While businesses fight to sustain their operations within tight budgets and resources, Adobe opened up its doors to help small and mid-sized businesses that are reeling from the impact of lost traffic and revenue. In the current COVID-19-induced lockdown scenario, the CX giant is ensuring businesses and individual consultants stick to online channels to survive, and ultimately emerge “champion” service providers during the ongoing crisis.

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Here is a quick round-up of the online free services offered by Adobe:

3 Months Free Service

Adobe is now offering 3 Months free Cloud infrastructure of Magento Commerce. Starting 1 April, all new users have direct access to Magento Commerce without worrying about payments for the first 3 months. This is also offered to new users of Marketo Engage and Bizible implementations.

Agile Deployment with Faster Service

To enable new users to meet the unprecedented demand from online channels, Magento Commerce Launch Package is now put on an Agile deployment mode.

In an official blog, Gary Specter, VP of Global Commercial Business at Adobe, said, “Adobe Customer Solutions will implement Magento Commerce, including our cloud infrastructure, in 2 weeks. Merchants benefit from all the out-of-the-box features of Magento Commerce hosted in the cloud and can quickly and effectively sell products online. For merchants looking for a more customized experience, we have solution partners ready to help.” 

Training and Courses

Adobe is also offering new training models to engage users. The 3-month course from Marketo University will empower young B2B marketers to take their skills to the next level. Marketo is a leading provider of Marketing Automation software and a MarTech RADAR-listed company.

Free PDF Conversions

We all know the importance of PDF documentation. COVID-19 has forced many businesses to leverage e-documentation and PDF tools to thwart forgery in transactions and invoicing. Adobe PDF services are now available for free through 31 May.

Free Online Conferencing

In addition, Adobe Connect is also providing free 90-day access for individuals and businesses to hold meetings, virtual conferences and trainings from their homes.

While we practice social distancing physically, Adobe Connect is encouraging virtual engagement. Adobe Connect is up for free trials up to July 1. It’s effective for a company of 25 employees, who can e-meet and video chat. Yes, security is top of mind for Adobe Connect, and hence, it is secured from all sides

For those who are looking to find new roles and opportunities in the industry, Adobe Talent on Behance is the go-to destination. Companies and recruitment agencies can hire from Adobe Talent for free through 15 May.

Free Website Building

A publisher’s delight Adobe Portfolio, world’s most trusted personalized showcase gallery is also coming for free through May 15, 2020.

In the regular pricing model, Adobe Portfolio Creative Cloud [Photography] is available for USD 9.99 per month. While, the entire collection of Creative Cloud apps (including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, in addition to your Portfolio website) is still available for USD 52.99 per month.

Learn how to make a killer Pro Portfolio online. Adobe Portfolio is more than online profile booster. It could be your career launch-pad.

Excellent resources are featured here.

The entire list of Adobe Creative Cloud and Offerings can be found here.

We will continue to track unique services offered by the CX giants in these tough times.

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