Microsoft Signs a 5-Year Deal with The Coca-Cola Company To Transform Global Engagement And Experiences

Microsoft Signs a 5-Year Deal with The Coca-Cola Company To Transform Global Engagement And Experiences

Popular beverage company The Coca-Cola Company will use Microsoft’s Cloud platform to fully-transform its digital operations and deliver world-class customer experiences. Microsoft Corp. will provide its Azure, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365 to modernize how the company engages with employees and customers.

In the official announcement, The Coca-Cola Company divulged its vision to utilize Microsoft’s enterprise offers to gain new insights from data across the enterprise. It will enable the “Coke-maker” 360-degree view of the business, and providing enhanced customer and employee experiences.

How The Coca-Cola Company Plans to Leverage The Microsoft Platform

The Coca-Cola Company will build a 360-degree digital advocacy infrastructure to empower employees with on-the-go information sharing and experience delivery models. Powered by fast mobile apps and related experiences, the Microsoft-Coca-Cola partnership is expected to improve overall Operations productivity, and enhance security that has suddenly become the number one “pain-point” for all businesses in the recent times.

Here is a quick overview of Microsoft’s offering to The Coca-Cola Company:

  • To deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, the Power Platform and Microsoft Teams across the organization
  • To provide a networked way to access information and support
  • To provide an expanded beyond-a-chat mobile interface to employees
  • To provide an updated suite of security enhancements that runs across Azure and Microsoft 365 cloud services
  • To provide real-time AI-based insights and performance metrics on world-class dashboards for all Business Intelligence teams, including those working in the Marketing, Sales, Accounts, and Human Resources.

AI at the Center of all Experience Delivery Models

Microsoft’s offering to The Coca-Cola Company once again proves that AI-based digitization is the present and future of all operations.

For example, enterprise users will be able to transform agency operations, enabled by the new Dynamics 365 AI-driven insights and real-time dashboards. These dashboards will allow call center managers to monitor performance metrics for overall employee satisfaction scores and benefit from real-time insights into which call topics are driving scores.

The latest partnership would also allow The Coca-Cola Company to leverage the full-battery of the latest add-ons and product launches in the Dynamics 365 portfolio. These applications and expanded capabilities from Microsoft “offer a true 360-degree customer and business view, unifying processes and providing forward-looking intelligence, enabling employees to proactively drive decisions and action.”

Remote Workplace Experience: The New Normal of Connecting with Everyone

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Coca-Cola Company is leveraging Microsoft’s collaboration technologies to support the increased demand of a largely remote workforce.

Microsoft is providing The Coca-Cola Company employees with the global deployment of its Microsoft Teams. The collaboration platform is already equipping thousands of employees with a single touch-point to connect and collaborate with peers and partners using fully-secured and smooth chat, calling, meetings, and document-sharing interfaces.

To test the veracity and effectiveness of Microsoft’s collaboration platform, The Coca-Cola Company is already hosting many internal meetings on a global, regional, and local scale. The most recent one was the virtual quarterly earnings town hall meeting for employees on 21 April.

This virtual event was hosted using Microsoft 365 Live Events, which enabled the “broadcast-style” video presentations for large-scale audiences, both live and on-demand.

Enterprise Spokesperson Comment

Barry Simpson*, the spokesperson for The Coca-Cola Company said, “At The Coca-Cola Company, innovation and growth are key pillars of our business. This partnership with Microsoft allows us to really step change our employee experience through replacing previously disparate and fragmented systems. These platforms allow us to deliver relevant, personalized experiences as we network our organization.”

Judson Althoff#, representing Microsoft, corroborated further on what it means for the world’s top Cloud service provider coming together with a beverage-making behemoth. Together, both world-class giants will drive the next phase of digital experiences and tech adoption.

Judon added, “Coca-Cola is a pioneer and forward-thinking leader in its industry. Today, the company is taking its digital innovation a step further, leveraging Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365 and Azure to better connect people and opportunities through breakthrough productivity and powerful information management that will drive continued business success over the next decade.”

*Barry Simpson is the Senior vice president & Chief Information, and Integrated Services Officer of The Coca-Cola Company.

#Judson Althoff is the Executive vice president, Worldwide Commercial Business, Microsoft.

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