TechBytes with Daniel Kuperman, Director Product Marketing, MindTickle

Daniel Kuperman

Daniel Kuperman
Director Product Marketing, MindTickle

We spoke to Daniel Kuperman, Director, Product Marketing, Mindtickle, to understand their approach to sales enablement.

MTS: Tell us about your role at MindTickle and the team you handle?
Daniel Kuperman:
I lead product marketing and sales enablement for MindTickle. This includes working with our product team on understanding how customers are using the product, training our sales reps on positioning MindTickle and enabling them to handle conversations with buyers, talking with analysts and keeping an eye on the competition.

MTS: How does your partnership with Playboox drive excellence in the execution of sales processes?
Daniel: Sales excellence is accomplished by a combination of mastery of the message (how you articulate your company’s value proposition and handle conversations with buyers), as well as the ability to follow a process (what you do in each stage of the sales cycle). This partnership helps companies achieve both: MindTickle helps you ensure your reps are ready to have the sales conversations, while Playboox gives you the step-by-step plays that enable you to navigate the deal.

MTS: What are the major pain points for businesses in their adoption of sales readiness technologies?
Daniel: There are three key areas we see companies struggling with:

  • Getting executive sponsorship;
  • Adoption of the technology by the sales team;
  • Proving the ROI.

Sales Enablement professionals need to work with vendors to put together a solid business case to get executive buy-in for a solution. The technology being implemented should have mechanisms to help increase adoption via gamification and user experience, and key metrics need to be thought out and put in place to ensure you can track the ROI. It is hard work but unless enablement leaders have this approach the adoption of sales readiness technologies will falter.

MTS: With the coming-of-age of ABM platforms, how should B2B sales teams utilize social and gamification solutions for better customer engagement?
Daniel: B2B sales teams need to be enabled on how to better leverage social media as an engagement tool with customers and prospects, while gamification can increase engagement of the sales reps with these tools and get higher adoption.

MTS: At MindTickle, how do you leverage data science and machine-level intelligence for sales coaching and enablement?
Daniel: At MindTickle we have been focused on leveraging new machine learning and AI technologies to create automated workflows and intelligent dashboards for our customers. We will have announcements around these new capabilities soon.

MTS: What would sales onboarding strategies look like in 2020, given the rapid adoption of intelligent assistants and AI-bots for workflow management?
Daniel: The future of sales onboarding will have a stronger emphasis on experiential learning that leverages technology that helps simulate real sales scenarios reps can use to practice and hone their skills. AI technology will improve the automation required for onboarding programs to scale easily and create automated workflows that can dynamically change learning paths according to actual field execution and will intelligently correlate sales performance with key capabilities being developed by new sales reps.

MTS: Thanks for chatting with us, Daniel.
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