Loyalty360, Association for Customer Loyalty, Releases State of Customer Loyalty Report

Report features insights from Loyalty360 Brand Members on customer loyalty-focused challenges and opportunities

Loyalty360 has released its 2022 State of Customer Loyalty Report, including insights and perspectives from nearly 100 brand members who run leading customer loyalty programs, on the challenges and opportunities they currently face and what they are focused on heading into the new year. The interest in customer loyalty has grown significantly amongst brands; however, many remain challenged.

In late 2022, Loyalty360 surveyed brand members to better understand the perspectives, challenges, and opportunities for their customer loyalty programs, strategies, and teams. There is immense attention on customer loyalty – a key focal point for many brands heading into the new year.

Loyalty360 believes that successful loyalty programs have several key characteristics, including a robust internal focus, aligned goals and vision for their customer loyalty efforts, the right technology stack with integrated platforms, a cohesive but pliable strategy, and trusted internal and external partners. This report will clarify the challenges that exist within the market.

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Within the report, readers will find quantitative and qualitative findings on:

  • Brands’ interest in redoing, enhancing, and updating their customer loyalty offerings
  • Top challenges with customer loyalty programs and strategies
  • Changes in customer expectations
  • Understanding new technologies and their impacts on customer loyalty

“We regularly connect with industry leaders, speaking with those intimately involved with their brands’ or clients’ efforts to create relevant and engaging consumer experiences,” said Mark Johnson, CEO. “As such, we feel Loyalty360 is uniquely positioned to help the industry navigate the complex and ever-changing customer loyalty landscape. While marketers understand the importance of customer loyalty, they struggle to navigate challenges they face daily, weekly, or monthly.”

“We have repeatedly heard from members that there is a need for more objective and in-depth customer loyalty-focused Analyst Reports, shared Carly Stemmer Ivory, VP, Research Analyst. “Through this research, in addition to our extensive collection of Analyst Briefs, Industry Reports, and Member-Only meetings, we hope to bring clarity to the marketers working tirelessly to improve their customer loyalty programs and strategies.”

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