Maru Launches the World’s First Implicit Response Data Collection Platform to Enhance Decision Making

Maru Group

Maru Group  has announced the launch of the world’s first implicit response data collection platform for insights generation. This platform dramatically enhances the ability of marketers and researchers to predict and explain behavior, leading to better informed business decisions.

Maru’s Chief Innovation and Solutions Officer, and author of Feel, Behave, Think – The Pathway to Human Decision Making Todd Trautz, explains, “Our decision making process operates in two modes; one that is subconscious, fast, involuntary, associative and emotion-based (system 1) and one that is conscious, slow, controlled and rule following (system 2). The vast majority of our decision making, 95%, occurs within the subconscious system 1 mode. By adding the context uncovered by implicit response data collection we can be more confident in interpreting explicitly stated views.”

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The Maru experience & insights platform can now capture time meta data both within and across questions. Maru’s “smart clock” technology captures when respondents start, stop, and reengage with a question. The precise capture of time allows us to apply the principles of behavioral science through analysis. To accomplish this, Maru has built directly into its platform, a proprietary, dynamic calculation that allows the accurate separation of response time data into implicit and explicit responses.

Maru Group CEO Ged Parton remarked, “The ability to view and analyze the implicit and explicit response data is now a standard feature in Maru’s analysis and reporting solution. Maru is the first and only insights firm with the ability to measure implicit response passively and accurately across all question types. This capability will dramatically improve our customers’ research findings by revealing new insights.”

Maru’s platform is a true passive system 1 measurement tool. This means that there is no change to the respondent experience, and no special survey builds. Using traditional scalar questions, the technology passively collects the time meta data and dynamically calculates the implicit and explicit response data. This exponentially grows the client’s data set adding new data to the traditional measures. Maru is now capturing and making this data available to clients on all current projects.

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