Accelerate Sales Within Your Team with New Reply Team Edition Functionality

Reply Team Edition Allows Sales Reps to Effectively Collaborate on Prospects, Email Campaigns, Manage Workload and Permissions Between Team Members, and Perform Account-Based Selling in Teams

Reply, a sales acceleration platform for SMB to automate one-to-one communication at scale, is launching the Team Edition. Reply Team Edition is a new functionality for sales professionals to accelerate sales in teams. Currently, this is available for all Reply subscribers at no additional cost.

Currently, Reply provides its sales acceleration platform for SMB teams, which automates one-to-many communication and scales cold outreach capability, while keeping it completely personal.

Oleg Campbell, CEO and Founder of Reply
Oleg Campbell, CEO, and Founder, Reply

At the time of this announcement, Oleg Campbell, CEO and Founder of Reply, said, “The Reply Team Edition enables sales professionals to make the most of teamwork and maximize efforts to accelerate sales in Reply.”

High-performing sales teams are 2.1x more likely to be very good or outstanding at their prospect collaboration capabilities according to Salesforce research, while in-person communication still remains sales’ top channel for connecting with customers.

Challenges for SMB Sales Teams in Driving Better ROI from Their Sales Campaigns

To Get a Response from Prospects

The most impactful ROI-challenge for SMB sales team is to get a response from prospects. Whatever sales tactics you may use – inbound, outbound, or account-based selling – it’s all about sending relevant messages, providing value and help, and streamlining communication to the exact action prospects should take. When I say ‘communication’, I mean a sales campaign, which is a series of messages crafted and tailored to address the needs of a particular target audience.

To Prospect Relevant Leads

Prospecting the relevant leads is definitely related to the first challenge. We have two perspectives here: on the one hand, this is about extremely targeted leads for outbound sales while staying aligned with marketing efforts for inbound. On the other, lead qualification is crucial for a sales team to focus on hot, bottom-of-the-funnel leads while passing the rest to nurturing campaigns.

To Scale Sales Efforts Without Growing the Team

Once you’ve identified a target audience and tailored messaging for a sales communication sequence, think about how you can scale these efforts to build something like an automatic lead generation conveyer. This is the point when sales acceleration tools, like, come into play by helping to reduce your time and effort spent executing your campaigns while ensuring your emails are opened and replied to.

By automating sales prospecting, you’re able to reach more people in less time, send fully personalized emails so that you don’t sound like a machine, A/B test your message, track ‘Interested’ responses, and check out team performance.

Top Factors That Would Impact Sales Productivity in 2018

We asked Oleg about the biggest factors that impact sales productivity, and how does Reply enable the sales team to better collaborate on their campaigns. Here is what Oleg had to say —

“Sales productivity is affected by internal factors such as process gaps and miscommunication within the sales team, unclear targeting and sales goals; external factors such as misalignment between the core departments – sales, marketing and operations, to name a few.”

Oleg added, “Reply’s new Team Edition functionality allows sales team to effectively collaborate in a single environment, while accelerating sales: work together on prospects, email campaigns, schedules, create and share email and campaign templates, transfer contacts from one team member to another, stay aware of prospect activity, emails and replies.”

He further mentioned, “Thanks to the account management tools, Reply provides sales teams the ablility to perform account-based selling, and be sure that whenever a rep starts working an account, all other employees of the same organization are not being touched by other reps.”

“Whatever sales tactics you may use – inbound, outbound, or account-based selling – it’s all about sending relevant messaging, providing value and help, and streamlining communication to the exact action prospects should take.”  — Oleg Campbell, CEO, Reply

Reply Team Edition Focuses on Three Main Workflows

The Reply Team Edition functionality provides sales professionals with a single environment to effectively collaborate on three main workflows —

– Inbound Sales – manage workload among team members, change campaign owners and transfer contacts from one team member to another

– Cold Outreach and Outbound Sales – work on prospect lists, stay aware of prospect activity, check out current and finished campaigns and prospect statuses, emails, and replies

– Account-Based Selling in teams – collaborate on prospect and company levels for better outreach

Team members are able to share the best performing email and campaign templates within the team or use pre-written ones with proven efficiency.

Reply’s Team Edition offers a set of tools for team owners to manage the team and specify permissions by choosing between Public or Private modes, which covers different requirements of flat and hierarchical sales team structures. Admin features allow team owners to add and remove users and enable Team Edition from any Reply account.


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