Breaking Down Web Push Notification Tactics for 2022

Web pushes notification is a powerful marketing strategy to reach customers directly through crisp and short messages. The best part about web push marketing is that, unlike email marketing, it facilitates getting hold of around 85% of the internet users. Let’s walk you through the concept in detail.

What is web push marketing?

 Web push notification is another smart strategy used by brands besides Email, Mobile Push, SMS, etc., to connect to their potential buyers. A typical web push includes details on sales, discounts, offers, policy changes, and so forth that pop up in a browser window.

Although a web push notification display may vary across diverse browsers, the basic framework remains the same. It involves the following components:

  • Browser icon (on which the notification is received)
  • Company logo or custom picture
  • Title (may include company name)
  • Link to the company’s website
  • Body (of about 60 characters)

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Web push notification is enabled on an individual’s device via a confirmation. And once they allow notifications, your web pushes for discounts and offers would appear in their browser window even if they are not on your site.

Types of web pushes

  • Introductory pushes: First-buy incentives, invites to explore the site, welcome notifications, demo requests, and so forth are some examples of introductory push notifications.
  • Promotional pushes: These notifications include apprizing the potential audience about special offers, discounts, limited-time sales, promo codes, etc.
  • Informational pushes: These notifications alert the user about news, events, customer policy changes, updates, etc.
  • Transactional pushes: These pushes notify the user of purchase confirmation, delivery, shipping, order information, etc.

The kind of notifications you choose to send to your audience largely rests on the objectives of your marketing campaign and marketing regime.

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Types of web push marketing tools you may need

To relish the benefits of this fortuitous marketing regime, you can employ the following tools:

  • OneSignal
  • PushEngage
  • PushWoosh
  • iZooto
  • Webpushr

These tools avail free services for limited subscribers, and if you aspire to expand the outreach, you may opt for paid and premium plans.

Web push marketing: Best practices to follow

The next thing we need to attend is the best strategies to maximize the benefits of web push marketing strategy. Following practices will ensure that you run an effective one!

  • Exploit web pushes for urgent alerts: You can create simple pushes to notify the users about recent news, confirmation of transactions, changes, updates, and so forth.
  • Launch a welcome series: More than 90% of enterprises throw welcome emails once a user subscribes to the marketing campaign. After the allowance of notification, you can send a push thanking for subscribing, an invitation to visit the site, the latest sales offer, etc.
  • Smart copywriting: Typically, a web push includes necessary information scribed in 40-55 characters. Therefore, it is important to curate an attractive, crisp, and concise copy to lure the visitor.
  • Discover the perfect sending moment: To boost the efficacy of your marketing campaign through pushes, you need to figure out the right sending time, such as a welcome notification that should pop up immediately after the subscription and more.
  • Establish a relevant time to live (TTL): Time to live or TTL is a time period during which a browser can store a web push for a time when a user is accessible for delivery. Once TTL for a web push ends, it won’t be sent to the user. This is crucial for limited-time offers, welcome pushes, and so forth.
  • Send test notifications: Ensure through test notifications if everything is performing right. This is because the expiry date of sales, inexact sales conditions, and broken links may trigger errors in the campaign.
  • Employ a simple promo code: Often, marketers deem promo code as an ineffective strategy. This is because a person can’t revert to the notification to click the site link or copy the code. However, you can tackle this by using simple and easy-to-remember codes.

Astounding stats on push marketing

Statistics are the most effective way to wake up to reality in business. Here we enlist critical figures that reiterate the significance of giving a thought to web push marketing.

  • Web push notifications can extend to more than 80% of internet users.
  • Whopping 90% of the push subscribers employ Chrome, making it the most popular browser in the context.
  • Over 80% of push subscribers use smartphones.
  • It has been observed that delivery rates are higher in the afternoons (60%) than at other times of the day.
  • The click rate peaks in the afternoon and remains there until 6 in the evening.
  • CTA buttons enhance marketing campaign outcomes by more than 40%.


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