Global Brands That Are Known for their Sustainable and Eco-friendly Efforts

Thanks to the “Reduce, Reuse, recycle” campaigns of the 90s, most millennials know about the importance of sustainable efforts. Issues like climate change are a serious threat and there has never been a more important time to collectively become aware of how individuals, corporations and businesses can make a change to help boost sustainability. 

A few brands have gone beyond their simple CSR campaigns and come up with sustainable efforts to help in more ways. From offering easy, accessible options to promoting the use of less plastic, recycled packaging, organic food, other sustainable products, brands are taking a number of steps to be part of today’s much needed go-green initiatives. 

The need to Go-Green

Modern consumers are smart, and they know how our resources are depleting day by day. Before picking up their products, consumers today take their time to think about how a product is helping or affecting the environment. Most of us would like to purchase from a brand that is sustainable and eco-friendly. As a result, many of today’s CEOs believe that sustainability is the essence of success. Thus, green initiatives are becoming a norm, creating a real difference to the world with the help of: 

  • Sustainable products and services. 
  • Regularly publishing eco-friendly efforts of the business as tips for others.
  • Initiating new roles like Chief Sustainability Officer. 

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Some of the brands who successful recognized the threats to our environment and could come up with creative ways to overcome issues include;

1. Seventh Generation

Do you know what this company deals in? Seventh Generation manufactured cleaning products where many harmful chemicals were used. The company totally transformed the cleaning industry by eliminating harmful chemicals and toxins that their competitors and other businesses rely on. With this initiative, Seventh Generation became one of the world’s most socially conscious brands. The business had to initiate their processes from scratch and create their own formula. 


TOMS as a brand is not only committed to sustainability, but they are making eco-conscious efforts as and when they can with the aim – turn the world into a better place. TOMS is a for-profit organization designed by Blake Mycoskie, the profits from the organization goes to donate a pair of shoes to children of communities in need. The shoes and the packaging boxes they manufacture are made from recyclable and sustainable materials.

3. Ford Motors

Automotive companies are among the heaviest polluters. Nevertheless, Ford Motors is working on a different track with the help of their ten-part environmental policy that they are following since a decade. Ford Motors uses sustainable fabrics in its vehicles and 80% of the materials in their Escape and Focus vehicles are recyclable. The company is also focusing on fuel efficiency, offering a clean and heavy duty pick up. 

4. Beyond Meat

We are also aware that the biggest factors contributing to increased global warming exist in the meat industry because mass meat production has severe impact on the environment. Beyond Meat is a company that offers delicious plant based meals that looks and tastes like meat. This is their share of contribution towards the environment – to cut down meat production and consumption. The company also teams up with other eco-friendly brands such as Subway and Dunkin Donuts to bring their products to the consumers. 

A survey in the US and the UK revealed that 96% of the people out of 1000 wanted to purchase from an eco-friendly brand, making a difference to the society. There is a need for sustainable behaviors and consumers today are paying more attention to what sustainable alternatives they have for the products they are using. 

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