Exploring the Rise of OTT Platforms and their Importance to B2B Marketers

OTT platforms and their evolution are impacting a change in ad inventory pricing and strategy models.

The Covid-19 pandemic has intensified the demand of OTT services. We are in the era of on-demand content because brands, publishers, media creators want to satiate the entertainment needs of their consumers with a range of choice. Consumers today love the easy access to personalized content right from their hand-held devices. On-demand content is the new content and it is omnipresent, on every social media platform, websites and all over the web. On-demand video has also gained popularity among consumer masses, and as a result various kinds of OTT platforms are experiencing quicker adoption all over the world. 

The rise in the demand of OTT platforms is boosting the need for digital marketers even in B2B industries to think of deploying out-of-the-box digital advertising strategies or OTT content models. The viewership through the internet is rising through OTT platforms, and this is a great opportunity for modern marketers to reach the right set of audience based on their changing interests. Due to such platforms, it is now easier for marketers to find the right audience mix with the help of demographic and ethnographic insights, while keeping the content personalized for everyone. 

OTT platforms also empower digital marketing by underlining the ads that should be shown and to whom. The crucial elements playing an important element to mark the rise of OTT platforms are content creators, digital platforms and the consumers themselves. 

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Let us have a look at a few of the top OTT platforms in the world: 

1. Maz

Servicing hundreds of video brands, MAZ is a popular name in the OTT industry. From start-ups to fortune 500s, every organization is utilizing its capabilities and the features offered are beyond imagination. The best part is, they provide packages at affordable rates. 

The main features of the platform are: 

  • Quick launch time
  • Live streaming and VOD capabilities
  • Enterprise-grade quality 
  • 24*7 customer support. 

2. Uscreen

The video solutions offered by Uscreen are easy to blend with the brand colors and logos before they are presented in front of the target audience. All the videos from Uscreen are available to your consumers, and they can view your original content right from their smart devices. Some of the prominent features of Uscreen are: 

  • Video streaming services for brands to deliver content across various platforms. 
  • Easy options for video monetization including rentals, subscriptions, lifetime access, and free trials etc. 
  • Customizable, website builder templates are available to help brands launch your branded website. 
  • Community building tools including lead generation, landing page builder, powerful integrations and so on. 

3. Dacast

Dacast is a perfect OTT tool for video hosting, live streaming and VOD solution for web. Brands looking for cheap and affordable video solutions can trust Dacast, as it offers video tools to integrated with their pre-existing mobile and website apps. This fully SaaS video creation tools offers: 

  • Fast live streaming
  • Incredible tools for live events. 
  • 24*7 customer service
  • Easy API and SDK integrations. 

4. Pivotshare

A subscription based video on demand platform, Pivotshare offers seamless video creation at scale. The platform suggests collaboration to reach more viewers to earn profit from OTT video content. Its collaborative platform not only invite collaborators but they also get more exposure, more value for the audience, increased marketing power and so on. The top features are: 

  • Responsive channel design for a redefined brand experience. 
  • Storing credit card information and help in recurring subscriptions. 
  • It offers YouTube like channel customization that provides the ability to change the colors of channel page elements. 
  • Social integration for social sharing with a touch of a button. 

5. Kaltura

We have added Kaltura to the list due to its corporate video making capabilities. It offers you all kinds of tools to host meetings, webinars, virtual classrooms along with the OTT video streaming features like podcasts, pitching video messages and so on. It can also work as a Learning management system on demand. The features of the tool are: 

  • Ability to create interactive and customized viewing experiences. 
  • Easy content discovery through search tabs. 
  • Quick integration with real-time analytics to improve marketing, content engagement and ROI. 
  • One can integrated third-party apps with Kaltura. 
  • Various assets such as movies, electronic program guides, news clips, recordings and so on can be managed from one platform. 
  • It offers better audience engagement through SMS, email and in-app pop-ups. 

OTT Marketing 

OTT marketing involves the running of ads and delivery of ads through various online video streaming channels. This is where CTV (connected TV advertising) also plays a part, OTT ads a great way for marketers in B2C and B2B to use creativity to their advantage and create a deeper connection with online audiences. It will be interesting to see how OTT platforms, OTT services and OTT models evolve over time.

A few days ago, Salesforce Announced Salesforce+, a New Streaming Service for Live Experiences and Original Content Series; a future where tech brands will derive newer ways to not only stream their own but also other industry or segment-specific content will reinvent how B2B marketers look at OTT models to add value to their own efforts.


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