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As marketers find ways to measure the success and outcomes of their multichannel campaigns, they must never lose sight of the fact that their purpose still remains the same –> to connect and establish deeper relationships with prospects and customers; but in a marketing world where impressions, clicks, and conversions are taking center stage as priority metrics, how are marketing leaders ensuring a balance? 

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Data is only as good as an organization’s ability to operationalize data, which requires a more advanced technology stack that requires a Customer Data Platform (CDP), Offer Management Platform (OMP) and Marketing Automation Suite/Cloud.

Kevin Rice, CMO at Hathway

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MarTech Interview with Bart Hammond, Chief Customer Officer at Drift
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For B2B marketers, some of the best practices of customer success to emulate come from B2C brands. One that comes to mind immediately is Nordstrom; they’ve mastered multichannel customer service and have built a large, loyal customer base as a result. In an online shopping experience, they replicate the in-store experience seamlessly, with support specialists on-hand in just minutes to streamline the buying process. –Bart Hammond, Chief Customer Officer at Drift

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