Do You Need to Invest in Digital Asset Management Platforms?

What is a Digital Asset Management Platform (DAM)? 

A DAM platform catalogues and maintains repositories of all your media files like photos, audios, and videos. With the help of metadata taxonomies to assets, users are able to group, search and distribute files at ease. DAM solutions often come with features like import/export functionality, preview and thumbnail views, versioning, optimized processing speed and automatic conversion of files into other formats as per the requirements. 

DAM software today plays a crucial role in MarTech and AdTech because most of these software solutions are needed by marketing and operation teams across various industries. The software helps them in defining their online brand and the software prevents duplication in the system, maintains up-to-date collections, and covers the assets with its security shell. 

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A few of top Digital Asset Management Platforms that your marketing team should think of adding to their arsenal in 2021: 

1. Mediavalet

MediaValet is one of the most adopted DAM software for marketing and creative teams. With MediaValet, teams can easily organize their entire marketing material, video, content at one place. The software itself is aimed to empower sales and channel teams to find relevant marketing content on any device and at any place. The software is loaded with a comprehensive MediaValet library to create, collaborate, preview office documents, visuals, PDF’s along with 3D files. All the files are organized according to their categories and subcategories. 


The platform offers incredible capabilities of workflow automation and collaboration within the teams. The software is based on a simple, clutter free interface with personalized fields to classify the assets. Its focused, simple and visually intuitive interface allow the users to clarify the sequence of work. With at hand, it is very easy to allocate & prioritize tasks and view everything in order. 

3. Wedia

Wedia is the perfect DAM software for better user and customer experience. Meant especially for large organizations, Wedia helps such organizations deal with the complexity of work and converting their marketing visuals into sales by offering them with a central hub to manage organize, share and repurpose their media files and other digital assets. 

4. Widen Collective

Widen Collective is a software perfect for configuration and customization. Off late, Widen has come in front as a useful tool to organize, distribute and share the brand assets, media and product content on the web. The software empowers marketers, salespeople and partners to get the on-demand content. The most notable thing about this tool is its powerful search functionality along with flexible metadata models. 

5. Brandfolder

Brandfolder is ranked as one of the most user-friendly DAM software allowing marketers and creative teams across industries to enhance their brand management potential. Although it is named with the word “folder”, it is actually more than a just a folder for your digital assets. They offer a cloud-first architecture, users can manipulate, organize, distribute and analyze their important digital collaterals from a single source. 

6. Libris

Libris offers incredible storage solutions for business, organizing and sharing digital content is like a walk in the garden with Libris. Other specializations of the software are website design, Product Information Management and WordPress Development. The most notable characteristic is easy storage and dissemination of digital assets. Their strategy ensures the digital assets are stored, structured and distributed from a central point for global access. 

7. Smartsheet

If you are looking for a reliable digital asset manager with project management and collaboration, Smartsheet is the perfect solution. Smartsheet is more than just a digital asset management tool and it offers all facilities for an online project management with features of collaboration, reporting and workflow automation. The software is cloud based and it is a great tool for distributed teams. 

8. Bynder

Bynder helps around a million creative, branding and marketing professionals to accelerate the creation of media content including images, videos and more. The users can create the digital assets and distribute these assets to the people on-demand. Bynder was a G2 leader in Digital Asset Management for 2020, Bynder is used by giants like Spotify, Puma, TED and Five Guys. It has various digital asset management modules to simplify the organization of digital assets in an organization. 

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Every marketer needs a DAM software because he or she manages a creative team, often works with remote marketing team members and multiple vendors, clients and partners. A comprehensive DAM solutions helps collate and maintain marketing assets.